1 HP vs 3/4 HP submersible pump, flow rates, H2O pressure, differences?

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    Used to have a 1 HP Flotec 20 gallon/minute series when the well was brand new and gave out. Some impellers stopped working, but we still had water for about two moths and the water was really beautiful and clear. (Just low pressure) This happened while running it during the course of the first week when we were trying to clear out the dirty water from the well pump exchange of contractors to our pump. Have since learned Flotec is junk for well pumps.

    Well guy came out put in a Franklin 1HP and we had horribly brown muddy water for 3 weeks. Ran the heck out of it for days on end problem only got worse. Well guy came out again and developed the well for two more days with air-lifting and gravel, now pump has been switched again to a Goulds 10G but he said it had a 13 gallon flow rate (we can only fill about 7 gallons a minute at the frost free) and the pressure is noticeably decreased so wondering how much we are being led astray by this statement. Any suggestions? We have had no real improvement in the gray silt type mud that is getting through and now the water stinks when you turn it on in the morning. I have to clean the filter before anyone showers and then they take a fairly quick shower because the water will not last before plugging again. Do not want to do this in the winter with snow outside!

    Have talked to other people in the area and they say we probably have to go deeper to get past the mud layers. Does this mean a complete new well needs to be dug? Hate to abandon a strong well (30 GPM) that is a year and a 1/2 old and start all over. (Can't really afford it either.:mad:) I've heard about liners but wonder if they collapse. We have a 6 5/8" casing now. Probably would drill another 80 feet to get past the mud. Would dropping from a 1 HP to a 3/4 HP help? What would it do to the pressure?
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    My thinking is that it's the driller that drilled the well's problem! In Nevada I think the 6-5/8" casing only goes into the upper rock below 20 feet (it's the law in most states). I'm thinking that the casing didn't properly seat into the rock and is leaking mud/silt and water around it. This will cause your constant mud/silt problem. Most wells properly developed don't continue to pump mud/silt.I still say it's the driller's problem. . . not yours!
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