well water

  1. Night Owl

    Need design advice for cabin using rationed well water

    We have a cabin that we use on the weekends and maybe one full week a summer. It is located among other cabins that access well water but due to drought conditions and age of well cabin owners have had to go to holding tanks. During high demand weekends the well cannot keep up. I would like...
  2. ChopperRS

    Smelly hot water even after new anode rod

    I was having issues with a rotten egg smell in my hot water and replaced the anode rod. Although the rod had a dark scummy coating on it, it had not been reduced in length or thickness. With the new rod n place, I had almost two weeks of smell free water, but now the rotten egg smell has...
  3. Mo3ky

    What to do if Culligan can't fix it?

    Hi, I'm paying through the nose to rent a system from Culligan that isn't doing the job. I've called them out twice in the past 1.5 years and both times they've told me the water is fine. Trouble is, I'm still using a filter on the tap in the kitchen because the water smells metallic and leaves...
  4. 22bfan

    Water Treatment Advice Needed (See test results inside)

    I recently had my well water tested by a reliable local lab not associated with any water treatment companies. The test sample is from a water source after my pressure tank but before my existing water treatment equipment. The results are as follows (Can any of you guys make sense of this?)...
  5. John Cox

    Working softener, rotten egg smell

    Just moved into this house (new to use). The well was last chlorinated in April 2016 by a local water service here. It was tested for bacteria as well as a condition of the home sale. We have a rotten egg or sewer smell in both hot and cold taps, every faucet, including outside spickets...
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