1. PtraP

    Toilet waste pipe above joists

    Looking to relocate a 2nd story master bedroom toilet out of a long narrow room (5'Wx10'D) adjacent to an existing walk-in closet to increase closet space. Floor joists run perpendicular to the proposed waste line relocation so holes/notches are not an option over that 10'D distance. Can I...
  2. Lehighlager

    No vertical room for a Standard P-Trap, is Running Trap permitted?

    Looking for some advice on how to plumb a floor drain where there is not much vertical distance between the top of the floor drain and the existing waste pipe. I've included a diagram of what I want to do, labeled A. Basically the trap would be in-line with the 3-inch waste pipe (waste pipe...
  3. Fremontstreet

    DWV - Master Bath

    Hi all - Very appreciative of this community and the knowledge that is passed through here. I have finished a few projects by just looking through the different forum threads but cannot find something similar. The project is part of a renovation of a bi-level 1960s home where we needed to...
  4. farmerisland

    Copper waste line flat, venting lacking, and so much more

    Hey guys. I need to share a little back story to give proper context of my issue with some upstairs very old plumbing. I live in an old farmhouse that was originally Mennonite-built in 1890. There was no indoor plumbing initially but the main floor bath was put in by my grandparents at some...
  5. JT and the DOG

    Old House - Floor drain, washer basin & new standpipe help

    Hi Folks, I'm a first time poster here, but I have been coming to the site for a couple of years now. My house (in Nebraska) came with a basin for the washing machine drain. See picture #1: That isn't terribly problematic, except that the basin empties into what seems to be a faulty floor...
  6. FakeGamerGirl

    Installing standard bathtub in mobile home

    Hello! We bought a flipped house as our first home (yeah we're geniuses) and the tub started peeling pretty quick. We bought a replacement tub that would fit in the space but didn't account for this new tub having an overflow opening when the old one didn't. We also didn't anticipate the trap...
  7. Jack O'Voltraids

    DWV Q&A (Toilets)

    I've often got questions or just curiosity on the means, methods, and materials used for every day, taken for granted, inner workings of buildings like the DWV systems used to evacuate our waste. I might even sketch out an idea once in a while just to see if it's at all plausible. My recent idea...

    Waste Plumbing Question, Wye not?

    Good Morning! I'm new here, just joined and searched for this question and was unable to find the answer. Can you turn a Wye on its Y, for lack of a better term? For those that like to read, I explained a lot below the photos. For those who don't look at the photo and tell me if it is a- okay...
  9. artistsnature

    Adding washing machine and tray to bathroom DWV

    Hi guys, I'm trying to tie a new laundry room into an existing bathroom on a raised slab. The copper supply lines (as well as cast iron drains) are all under concrete, so I'm going to cut them off and re-route them through the walls. My concern is, is it okay to patch the washer and tray into...
  10. John Conti

    Lots of Metal in a PVC P trap

    Hi All, I am installing a new shower using the not so old existing PVC P trap. The P trap is in the perfect position so I am able to tie into it with no issues. However I found the P trap contained lots of debris. The usual hair which I cleaned out but I also found a significant amount of...
  11. Dan Morey

    3" pipe through joists

    I know there are a ton of threads about this, but I can't seem to find one that fits my situation. The 2x10 floor joists supporting my bathroom span 15' at 16" o.c.. I doubled them up to reduce deflection for tile - glued and screwed them together. I rerouted my toilet and ran 3" pipe across 4...
  12. BK2thefullest

    Banging/Knocking sound when tenants flush. Water Hammer Arrestors have been installed. HELP Please!

    Here is the thread I already have going on to catch you all up to speed. Its a lot of info. http://www.brownstoner.com/forum/#!/general-discussion:master-plumber-help-despera
  13. John2.0

    Adding a Shower, Washer Box - Is this Waste & Vent Layout Correct?

    We have back-to-back 1/2 baths in our building at work. We'd like to make one of them a Washer/Dryer room while adding a shower and moving the toilet in the other one. Is this layout acceptable?? (In case not clear, the toilet in the washer/dryer room will be removed and a cleanout installed in...
  14. phospholipid

    Ran into a small problem replacing drain.

    We have a 100-year-old house. The drain out of the second floor tub had been leaking in several places including where it met the cast-iron waste stack. It was too difficult to carve out the lead and oakum seal in the stack, so I cut off the galvanized pipe entering there and plugged it. I had...
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