toilet tank

  1. Z

    Toilet tank issue. can't find the replacement

    Hi, This is my first time writing here. I have situation, I am looking for Jacuzzi ez36 Tank for one toilet. and Jacuzzi ez36 Tank Lid for 2nd toilet. don't ask me how they got broken but they did. I am looking online but can't find the tank or lid. Jacuzzi ez36 is discontinued. I went to home...
  2. T

    Replacing rigid supply line to toilet tank with flexible line for bidet

    When we built our home back in 2006, the plumber installed the Kohler toilets with rigid supply lines for 3 out of the 4 toilets (the basement one which was installed couple months later got a flexible line for some reason). Anyway, we are now in the process of installing new bidet seats and so...
  3. AKRBT

    10" rough in but still tight

    I have a very tight basement toilet/shower room. The toilet has a 10" rough in (I measured from wall to center of bolts). The toilet is an odd one, when you flush it there is an internal action in the tank that dumps the whole tank's contents at once, in a rocker type action, not anything like...
  4. Dinesh

    Where is my shutoff valve? Loose key stop

    Hey folks! Amateur DIY'er. I'm trying to install an aftermarket toilet water spray (bidet-like). To do this I obviously need to shut off the water to the tank to add the splitter. I can't figure out the darn valve shut off. I've attached a pic for anyone who can help me out. Thanks, Dinesh
  5. Shahid Nigro

    1955 Standard Compton " Please Identify This Toilet

    Greetings, all! I need to replace a toilet tank lid but I don't have the old one so I don't have a part number. I've posted some pics of the only part numbers or brands listed on the rest of the toilet, but I still cannot identify the model number or find the part number for the replacement...
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