1. Frank8487

    Need C-wire for new Honeywell RTH6500WF Thermostat

    I am upgrading my old non-wifi programmable thermostats with Honeywell wifi models. These need a C-wire and my wiring only has 4 conductors and no C-wire (see image). I contacted Honeywell support and they suggest using a C-wire adapter, but it appears my system's air handler units for...
  2. Trettini

    Furnace Behaving Weird

    Dear plumbing gurus Please help figure out the issue. My 1 yo furnace just stopped producing heat and me and the child are freezing in the apartment. 1. The furnace doesn’t react to the thermostat adjustments any more. Before the issue, the thermostat was programmed, but if I needed to hike...
  3. Raven

    Water Heater Won't Heat

    This is a new one on me. Hopefully someone else has some thoughts what to look for. In the recent freeze, we lost hot water. It froze so fast didn't even get a chance to do all the prevention steps. But when it thawed, there seem to be no busted or cracked pipes. Yet there is no hot water. We've...
  4. Jessielogue

    Daisy chaining thermostats

    Hey all I have an outdoor wood boiler for heating and also have a heat pump. I am wanting to mount a second thermostat below my homes original one but I want to know what wires to use to just make the just the fan turn on when the second one would call for heat (owb)
  5. Snorp

    Only a thermostat issue? or more serious?

    My best to all. I have an almost 40 year old townhouse and I installed a programmable thermostat in it about 30 years ago. No problems with the thermostat until very recently. It has developed some issue that prevents me from changing the program and for awhile now (weeks) it runs the A/C for...
  6. Rebekah Rich

    Rust around element/thermostat

    Hello, I am in need of some advice. My 50 gallon electric water heater was recently leaking at the connection from the cold water supply. That's been fixed, and still no hot water- so I opened up the bottom panel and discovered the insulation was wet. Turned out the leak had caused a lot of...
  7. Ellie555

    Thermostat boiler zone one won't call for heat

    Hello, Homeowner is trying to understand system problem which PREDATES installation of Burnham Alpine boiler & Taco circulator several years ago. Zone 1 (floor 1) & zone 2 (floor 2) thermostats are set for 63. When floor 2 temperature is 65 and floor 1 temp is 58 the floor 1 thermostat will...
  8. KC1LML

    Thermostat Night Time Setback

    Sorry for such a long post. We moved to New Hampshire in September 2016 after living in the Midwest for many years. Our six previous homes in the Midwest had forced air natural gas heating systems. This has been my first experience with both fuel oil and a hot water radiator heating system...
  9. controltestguy

    Carrier Infinity Thermostat Weather Station

    Hello... New heater install with the Infinity WIFI T-Stat. The weather station has a place for the real-time outside air temperature but it is blank. I suspect that it requires a remote sensor. Is that correct? Would it be wireless or hard-wired. I was not home when the heater/T-Stat was...
  10. Martiens J Bekker

    No Warm Water

    Hi I have a Høiax 200lt, single element heater/geyser. Age not known, but bought it with the home 2016. Replaced element 2017. The main Breaker tripped and it seems that the heater/geyser was the case. In the end I had replace the Breaker. Geyser however stopped heating the water. Although...
  11. theMezz

    Nest Thermostat With Navien NCB-240E

    I have a Navien NCB-240E connected via two wires to a traditional thermostat and all is well. I wanted to replace that setup with a Nest. I can run a new wire from the NCB-240E to the Nest. I'm unsure of what type of wire to use and where the connections should go. I can follow wiring...
  12. Scott Baz

    Wiring help with thermostat and condensor

    I removed old thermostat and only had a 2/22 wire red/white (I have ran a new 5/22 wire) Looked at furnace wiring and have 2 black wires from Fan limit switch (one on 24vac transformer other on gas valve terminal) White wire to thermostat on other gas valve lug, then red wire from thermostat to...
  13. hotwaterless

    Bradford White Defender Water Heater Issue

    Glad I came across this forum. So here is my story and I hope someone can shed some light on what to do next. I live in Huntington Beach California. I had a slab leak and had the house re-piped in August 2018. I used a plumber who used a third party piping company to do the work. This isn't...
  14. LeBlanc

    HWH Boiler – how to adapt a Wi-Fi Thermostat

    Hey all: Several years ago when I had never used Hot Water Heating systems, I asked whether it would be a good move to replace it with Forced Air in our northern Michigan cottage. I am so glad that this forum told me I’d be nuts to do that. We’ve really liked the GWA-105N-I natural gas fired...
  15. Joel Schoenborn

    Choosing the right thermostat

    I have a dual fual heat pump and gas furnace. The heat pump is a 2 stage unit and the furnace is a 2 stage unit as well. Am I correct in thinking I need a 4 heat and 2 cool stage thermostat. Such as a Honeywell prestige iaq
  16. BetsyJean

    Ecobee Common Wire Question

    I’m trying to install an ecobee thermostat. My furnace wiring has a red wire at the C terminal, and white wire at the Y terminal which I assume run to the condenser unit because they are bundled together. Then there is the bundle leading to the thermostat. At the furnace the wires are: green on...
  17. Edward Plunkett

    Honeywell 9000 Series Thermostat Installation Help

    First post - Hope you guys can help. I'm finishing up a large remodelling job on my house, and I'm having trouble installing a Honeywell 9320wifi5003 wifi thermostat on my hvac system. I have a Spacepack air handler/outside unit (condensor) for cooling and a condensing boiler/radiators with...
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