1. J

    The 1 in a million?

    Hi there, So, I'm beginning to think that I'm experiencing a one in a million situation.... Lol. Here's what we are up against.... Hopefully SOMEONE out there has had a similar situation... We just moved in to a mobile home that was sitting vacant for 20+years. Drains were an issue from day...
  2. B

    Clean water backing up after shower

    I am a new homeowner with a small leak/backup problem. Not sure which. Shower on second floor, washing machine in basement. Observed small amounts of water on basement floor (less then 8 fl oz) two successive days, but did not observe why. Not sure if foundation leaking (although has not been...
  3. Krikkitdidit

    Can y'all help fix stupid?

    I apologize in advance for my: babbling, crappy pix, complete lack of correct terminology and inability to comprehend basic plumbing principles!!! I will NEVER apologize for my independence, refusal to be ripped off ever again, or for the fact that I TRIED and sometimes I even sorta succeeded! I...
  4. Michael (Mike) Miller

    Drain fly larvae plugging septic filter

    Drain fly larvae and discarded pupae "skin" are plugging septic filter every 6-8 weeks. I am able to clean it, but in the winter getting to septic to open it every 6 weeks is a chore. The tank was put in 18 months ago, replacing an old cement tank that was failing. I have sought advice from...
  5. av76

    Distance from well to septic system

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this question. We have a small piece of property in Pennsylvania. It has what we are told is a cesspool for septic. The well is right next to it. We are interested in having a septic system with a drain field and a new well put in. I am wondering how...
  6. WayOutWest

    How to locate septic transport pipe? (pump chamber to mound)

    Hi, I need to figure out the exact path of the ~125-foot transport pipe running from my septic system pump to the mound. Is there a trick for doing this? Sadly there are no as-builts, the engineer who designed the system in 2007 is deceased, and the drawings are pretty vague about the...
  7. Tracey J Brown

    Costs of tapping into City Water

    Hello- We just purchased a new construction 3000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom, 4 bath home with a well and septic. The well has had some issues with high coliform and in the past tested positive for E.coli. It's been flushed a few times and is now negative, but because it shows other high levels, nitrates...
  8. Kevin121

    Re-route washing machine drain - vent question

    Hello - I am looking to re-route my washing machine's drain line from the main septic drain to a separate drain/location. The question I have is regarding the vent for my toilet that is the next fixute "downstream" of the existing washing machine drain. The attached pictures probably illustrate...
  9. Mark R

    Vent or Septic issue ??

    I have a gurgling noise in my kitchen sink. master bath: sinks, tub, shower and toilet work fine and are vented thru the roof Kids bath: toilet flush or shower drain caused gurgling in kitchen sink. This bathroom has its own roof vent also 3rd bath : toilet flush or shower drain caussd...
  10. rolek

    Septic tank - cleaning. Maximum distance to pump out ?

    Hello, I am installing a new system, but have issues with accessing the location of the tank. Does anyone know what is the maximum distance the truck can pump out from the septic tank ? Can they do it lets say from 40 meters (130 ft) if they have longer hoses or are there any technical...
  11. Justin K.

    How do I remove septic grinder pump?

    Hello! I'm hoping that someone here might be able to answer my question. Basically, I have been having intermittent issues with my septic system where the grinder pump will turn on, but it won't pump the water out of the septic tank and the water level will rise to the point it sets off the...
  12. AVR

    New Main Line From Well - Is this done properly

    Hey all, Was traveling and out of town when I get the news that our water won't work. called a local plumbing / well company that replaced our submersible pump almost 3 years ago, and sadly the mainline from the well to the house apparently broke or gave out or something, it might have been...

    Waste Plumbing Question, Wye not?

    Good Morning! I'm new here, just joined and searched for this question and was unable to find the answer. Can you turn a Wye on its Y, for lack of a better term? For those that like to read, I explained a lot below the photos. For those who don't look at the photo and tell me if it is a- okay...
  14. Javi

    How do I open this cleanout??

    Hello fellow reader, Included are pictures of a cover I'm trying to properly open. (without using pliers/hammers/screwdrivers). The center square is 2"x 2" recessed about a quarter inch. Is there a special tool for this? Thanks in advance and have a nice day :)
  15. Pirwin21

    Septic pump problem

    Septic alarm started sounding Friday and I found a very full gray water tank. I believe it is the pump that has gone bad. I bypassed the pump float and the pump will run, but it does not have the force to push it up to our sand mound. I have also tried to do my best to rinse out the inlet on...
  16. gabba

    Do I need my septic pumped?

    Hi! You are all so helpful - thanks in advance! I have a new issue: When the tub/shower/washer drains, the toilet bubbles and gurgles and the water level fluctuates. Today I also noticed that my shower was very slow to drain. We had a lot of rain last and my lawn was like a small lake in one...
  17. amandar

    Flooding Septic Tank due to Underground Spring

    Hi all! I am new to this forum and I am reaching out because I simply do not know where else to turn. I bought my first house just about a year ago. We started having plumbing issues almost immediately which were due to ancient cast iron pipes. So, we have replaced those to PVC. Everything...
  18. Lisa Wright

    Septic System - Outlet/plug inside pit - is this an acceptable install?

    Hello! I purchased a home 4 months ago, and included septic work in my contract when the system failed inspection. I'm currently having an issue (the red warning light went on advising me that I had high water levels). This is a photo of the inside of my pit. I see there is a plug inside the...
  19. WilsonBA

    Building sewer multiple drops

    Thanks for the forum. The bond out for the sewer line from my new house to the septic tank is higher in the wall than it should be. Would like it 30" lower to better accommodate the grading outside the house. Can I exit the house with horizontal pipe, transition to vertical, then back to a...
  20. Rebecca7968

    Nearly constant septic smell

    We are having trouble with a severe septic smell. It was an occasional occurrence when we moved in a year ago. And it only happened on windy days. Then over the winter our ancient septic system died on us. The owner didn't even know where the tank was to have it pumped. So we ended up just...
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