sanitary tee

  1. Offguard-2

    Water Softener Drain line to sewer - will this work?

    I am installing a water softener on the side of my house. Almost directly below the loop, I have access to the sewer line with a 3" clean out plug. There is an 8" run from the plug to the side of the house where I'd like to run the PVC to air gap. Here is what I've come up with. Please let me...
  2. Jian

    Any 2 in. x 2 in. x 1-1/4 in. x 1-1/4 in. Double Fixture Tee?

    Is there such double fixture tee with 1-1/4 inch on the side? I want to use a double fixture tee to convert single vanity to double vanity. But the stud width is narrow and only allow 1-1/4inch PVC pipe to penetrate through without disrupting the stud integrity. Obviously the 1-1/4inch will then...
  3. Jian

    Horizontal Double Wye Tee Fitting

    I am trying to add a shower drain to an existing tub drain. The existing tub drain is 1-1/2'' and has a dry vent. I am wondering if I can use a horizontal double wye tee with a slope to merge the new shower drain to the dry vent and tub drain. I know horizontal double sanitary tee is not allowed...
  4. Eric Allen

    Drain piping for Washing Machine in Garage

    Hi, I am a novice DIY plumber trying to install the drain pipe for a washing machine in my garage. The garage happens to be 2 stories with an existing upstairs restroom and small game room. I used flex pipes and sharkbites to connect the water sources from above the hot water heater located on...
  5. Jimjr

    Basement Bathroom Sink Questions

    Hello, I have two questions about our basement bathroom sink plumbing. I’ve attached three pictures to show the plumbing. The first picture shows that the sink drains vertically into a cast iron pipe in the floor. [This is how the builder’s plumber did the rough in.] The second picture...
  6. Tom Smalley

    Repair or replace sanitary tee behind wall in bathroom sink

    Anyone had this happen? Attempting to unclog my bathroom sink drain by removing trap. In doing so, the glued in, and brittle horizontal ABS pipe connecting the trap to the sanitary tee in the drainline broke off. It looks like I need to either: - cut out the tee and plumb a new one back in, or...
  7. CrackedCastIron

    Using a Sanitary Tee as Vent directly connected to P-Trap trap?

    First pic shows what I believe would be a standard install. P-Trap + P-Trap elbow, connected to a vent. Second pic shows using a sanitary tee RATHER than the elbow that came with the P-Trap, functioning as both the P-Trap elbow and as the vent coming out the top. Are there any issues with this...
  8. Waterdog

    Venting question: sanitary tee vs wye + 45

    Hi all, My question is: Is there an advantage or disadvantage to using a sanitary tee over a wye + 45 vertically for drain/venting purposes? Do wye + 45 fitting have any purpose in a stack application? I checked the forums and have never seen this discussed. I know sanitary tees are never...
  9. bmillice

    Adding 2nd Sink-Does this look right?

    I'm adding a 2nd sink, about 3ft over from the existing drain that is tee'd directly onto the vent. Can I simply glue a sanitary tee right above the existing one, and then run pvc over about 3 ft through the studs? If I remember correctly, 3 ft is close enough to the vent, just not sure about...
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