rear outlet

  1. Seriousowlisserious

    Back Outlet Toilet Rough In Questions

    Hi good people! We are doing a bath remodel and we live in a condo that requires a back outlet toilet. Currently we have a 15 year old Kohler toilet - it works great. They do not make it anymore, but the current updated model is the Barrington K-3554-0. This toilet has a 4 inch rough-in. We are...
  2. Marco Nantel

    Rear outlet rough in 4" vs 4-1/4"?

    good morning guys, we have a customer looking to replace a Gerber 21-310, a floor mount, rear outlet toilet with an American standard Yorkville, which is a 4" rough. 1/4" doesn't seem like much, but is it enough to worry about? is there enough forgiveness in the flange to account for it, or is...
  3. ScubaDude

    3 Rear Outlet Toilets - which is best?

    Can you help to evaluate these three rear outlet toilets? The 3 contenders: - CAROMA Somerton Smart (Lever) Back Outlet Toilet Suite - SWISS MADISON - SM-2T120 Calice Dual-Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet w/ Rear Outlet - ICERA MALIBU II - TWO-PIECE TOILET, REAR OUTLET (Links below)...
  4. Sam I am

    Rear outlet as a new install?

    I've read many threads in the forum over the years as we work to renovate our house (thanks to all contributors!). We're adding a modest master bathroom. At first, I thought we'd do a wall-hung toilet (so I read up on those here), but the wall in question is technically an outside wall: we're...
  5. bdad

    Rear outlet toilet question

    My building requires rear outlet toilets and I have found that really complicates my search for a toilet for a renovation we are doing. We currently have a Gerber Pressure Assisted Dual Flush which I love but my wife thinks is ugly as sin (and it is admittedly big for the space we have so...
  6. WGW

    Kennard rear outlet dual flush

    Has anyone had any experience with the Kennard dual flush rear outlet with 7 inch rough in or similar toilets that have a wall discharge. I am putting a powder room in a loft. Directly below the toilet are ceiling beams from the ground floor room so floor discharge is not an option. I can tie...
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