rear outlet toilet

  1. S

    Help, please, regarding a floor mount rear outlet/discharge toilet.

    Hi everyone, I hope all is well! I was hoping to have your guidance on a plumbing related question. It's regarding a floor mounted rear outlet toilet and shifting the rough-in height. I currently have a Briggs 7340 installed (rough-in height of 4 1/4 inches above the floor/slab). The toilet I...
  2. NYC123

    Pressure Assist Alternatives

    Hi! Need Help and Recommendations!!! We are looking to replace a Kohler Barrington Rear Outlet (Pressure Assist) in our primary bathroom that is 20+ years old, extremely loud and doesn't flush correctly. 1. Recommendations to replace toilet with a NON-pressure assist toilet that is still...
  3. KWS4116

    Wall Hung Toilet Replacement

    We have an older home from the 1960s, and one of the bathrooms has a wall mounted toiled. The model (Kohler) is super old, huge, heavy, and is slowly leaking at the wall. We need to replace it, and I'm curious whether you can swap a wall mount w/ exterior tank with a floor mounted rear outlet. I...
  4. Chase DePrize

    Options for installing a more stylish 4 1/4 rough-in toilet

    Hello Folks: I am looking for advice on what are my "rear-discharge" toilet options to fit a 4 1/4 rough-in. Or, what possible attachments are needed to connect a 7" rough-in to 4 1/4 rough-in?
  5. ScubaDude

    3 Rear Outlet Toilets - which is best?

    Can you help to evaluate these three rear outlet toilets? The 3 contenders: - CAROMA Somerton Smart (Lever) Back Outlet Toilet Suite - SWISS MADISON - SM-2T120 Calice Dual-Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet w/ Rear Outlet - ICERA MALIBU II - TWO-PIECE TOILET, REAR OUTLET (Links below)...
  6. RosietheRose

    Wall mount toilet problems

    We’re replacing the ugly blue 1970s wall hung toilet in our master bath with an American Standard Glenwall. We got the old one off and the waste horn (cast iron) was sticking out too far according to the new toilet specs - 3/4” instead of 5/16”. Was thinking I would have to build the wall out to...
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