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  1. U

    Pinch clamp on polybutylene

    Greetings. Can I use a pinch clamp on the Polybutylene side of a Pex to Polybuylene fitting? The fitting is cold expansion pex (Uponor). I have fittings, but only have pinch clamps convenient. Although the clamp manufacturers don't state polybutylene compatible in the information I could find...
  2. Dielectricunion

    Metal support bracket used for PEX A

    I recently saw a rough-in and noticed some of the stub outs on the water heater were supported by expanding the pex after it was pushed through a metal bracket. It felt solid and it was a support method I'd never thought of. With the tight fit and differing expansion rates, I was wondering if...
  3. Joe Weekley

    PEX-A Whole-home Repipe - Sizing Advice

    Planning a 2nd floor bathroom remodel and will be taking the opportunity to replace the 65 year old copper with PEX-A in the whole house while I'm at it. Decided on trunk & branch (vs home-run) and wanted to solicit some advice/opinions on sizing. Attached is the current layout. 3/4" copper...
  4. Caryncbreeef

    Pro PEX fitting into whole house water filter - Teflon or not?

    Hello friends, so getting ready to run the PEX A in the house. I am bringing 1” PEX off of the 3/4” copper from the street to the utility room. I'll run a bypass with valves just in case. I bought pro PEX brand 1” NPT to connect to the in/out of the filter system (putting brass unions on...
  5. RcambellSRQ

    PEX Design Question

    How many fixtures can reasonably be ran off a 3/4" hot loop with 3/4 to 1/2" reducing T's running to the various fixtures? I have included a photo of my preliminary design below. Also, do I need the check valve between the hot and cold connection tee back into the water heater? Thank you in...
  6. TomV8

    PEX A from CPVC Shower Remodel Question

    Hello everyone. I am remodeling my jetted tub/shower down to the studs. I currently have 15 year old 1/2 CPVC pipes. I will be installing a 2.5 gpm shower head with a 2.5 gpm shower wand to a Delta 3-way multi valve. The shower valve is supposed to be rated at 5.3 gpm at 40 psi, 6.5 gpm at 60...
  7. mrbb008

    How to connect 1" PEX A to 3/4" water meter line?

    My water meter is 3/4" but I can't figure out the easiest way to connect 1" PEX A to it. Right now I have 1" galvanized pipe. I looked everywhere and a water meter coupling with 3/4" threaded to 1" PEX A does not exist. Propex seems to sell water meter couplings to PEX but only for 1" or 1 1/4"...
  8. Tony1997

    Can't find Aqua PEX anywhere. Alternatives?

    Hello- I'm in the middle renovating my house and I have been trying to get my hands on some 1/2" Uponor PEX A (Aqua PEX) but no one seems to have any in stock. I decided to go with PEX A (Uponor in particular) based on all the good reviews, hoping to avoid future issues. I even purchased the...
  9. Jim Stinnett

    PEX Bend TOO Tight?

    I have a piece of PEX with an expansion fitting coming off a 90 and going into a drop elbow. The connection is at an angle and feels like there is a lot of stress at the fitting. Is this considered acceptable?
  10. Russell Harris

    PEX-A in unconditioned crawl space

    Hello, I'm about to start work on the re-piping for a 1952 ranch built on pier and beam in Central Texas. I'll be using PEX-A pipe and expansion fittings/manifolds. The question regards insulation of the PEX piping. In the code for City of Austin, it mentions that supply 'piping' in an...

    PEX Re-plumb...

    Long story short - after chasing pin holes in my copper pipes for years, I've decided that a major re-plumb with PEX is my only alternative. Anyway, the leaks have only been in the horizontal hot water pipes so they have to go. I believe the culprit was the old water heater that was in this...
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