1. Justfixit

    Toilet off level by more than an inch

    I have a toilet that needs to be replaced. The front of the toilet is over an inch lower than the back is, if I'd set it right on the floor. Too much to use shims. I saw someone using plaster of paris under it to level it out but I don't feel like plaster is strong enough. It's also not very...
  2. ian

    Finishing Subfloor 1-1/4" Out of Level

    I'm currently stumped on a subfloor issue at bathtub, see attached photo. The bathroom subfloor slopes up from the tub drain location to the opposite wall approximately 1-1/4" (wall with silver faced insulation in photo is the high point). The rest of the bathroom floor is fairly level &...
  3. JAS68

    Safe way to even out bottom of new toilet

    Hello. I have a new Kohler Wellworth I'm about to install. I got it online and had to get the tank redelivered because the first came in probably 100 pieces. Given that distraction, I carefully inspected the bowl upon delivery and deemed it perfectly acceptable. Now that I'm preparing for the...
  4. DIY Blues

    Bath in a Day Blues

    Hired one of those "bath in a day type" outfits to replace our existing bathtub/shower on a 90+ year old bungalow. The general contractor (GC) left the work to be completed late in the day by two other workers knowing that they still needed to come back later to complete the installation (80%...
  5. Quinzzy Pratt

    First tub install please help.

    Hello all, I've found myself in a fairly desperate situation where I need to finish two bathroom ASAP and don't have the 5-8k to pay some one. I am beyond handy and feel comfortable and confident getting it done but I am stuck. The current bathroom that I'm working on has been gutted down to sub...
  6. DTAZ

    Plumbing and flattening a wall for an alcove tub and shower

    I am working on a bathroom remodel and need to plumb and flatten an interior brick wall in advance of tub installation and tile prep. The left and right alcove walls are stud construction and will receive cement backer board. The back wall is sound brick but the surface is uneven (concave from...
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