1. M

    WEll Shock/disinfection and filtration advice.

    Hello All, I've been battling bad water for some time. Lots of rust and bacteria and high lead and arsenic levels. I bought this house about 4 years ago and some change. Copper pipes were end of life - You could squeeze them with your fingers, and they'd pinch. Luckily a pinhole leak happened...
  2. Paul E.

    Raising Brass Closet Flange in Concrete

    Hey y'all, I am looking for some advice on how best to raise a recessed closet flange. I releveled the bathroom floors, and need to raise the existing brass closet flange up 3/4" of an inch. Raising it 3/4" of an inch will put the new closet flange on top of the new flooring. The existing...
  3. Jeff Little

    Lead bend drain pinholes!? Need to replace/fix leaking toilet waste pipe.

    Hi folks, this is my first post here. I have a leak in a toilet drain. The house is 82 or 84 years old and this is guaranteed to be 100% original. I'm assuming a popular fix is to remove the ferrule and get a Fernco Donut -> ABS solution in place. Or is it easier (and is there enough of the...
  4. Dan Laffitte

    Iron to brass to lead toiler riser

    First time, long time - and thanks in advance. Information from this forum helped me update all the water piping in my new, old house. I have a 1938 fixer and am working to remodel a 1/2 bath. I think most of my questions were answered in a similar forum question here...
  5. Josh87

    Replace Lead Shower Drain.

    Hi, I'm a first time poster here, but I've used this site for years and have gained a lot of great information from all of you! I'm redoing my basement bathroom shower on concrete slab and using information on your other threads, I removed a lead/oakum shower drain. I used the method of...
  6. gpstew

    Lead Stub Out - fixable?

    Hello all! I'm brand new to the forum and a DIYer (at best). The best/closest info I could find on the web regarding a situation like mine was from y'all's forum - thanks. Info - location St. Louis House build date 1936 - plumbing update - unknown I went to put in a new vanity/sink and when...
  7. Nukedaddy

    Misleading the innocents about lead n' oakum

    I taught the apprentices at my home local for nearly 20 years, and I learned to caulk as a third generation plumber. BUT, I know that many people look at the pictures and teach themselves to do new stuff all the time, so I am going to ask, without saying what I was taught. I have searched many...
  8. Chris L

    Hot/cold outdoor faucet?

    Does anyone have any good hot/cold outdoor faucet solutions they'd like to share? I'm currently waffling between a Woodford 22 or C22 and a service sink faucet like this. Use case is watering plants, washing dogs, and water for the kids. I had a single-handle Moen hot/cold outdoor faucet in...
  9. jmcdowall

    Lead connected to cast iron waste

    Hi Here is what I have in my basement: The lead pipe is adhered to the inside of the cast iron, or adhered onto the second pipe material which is adhered to the cast iron. My guess is that the lead/whatever is soldered into the cast iron fitting Does anyone know what exactly is going here? And...
  10. Terry

    Lead found in some Tacoma homes

    http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/politics-government/article73004612.html Now Tacoma has it's own lead story concerning public water supplies. About 1,700 of Tacoma Water’s 92,000 customers may be affected Read more here...
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