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I taught the apprentices at my home local for nearly 20 years, and I learned to caulk as a third generation plumber. BUT, I know that many people look at the pictures and teach themselves to do new stuff all the time, so I am going to ask, without saying what I was taught. I have searched many of the sites that still sell caulking and yarning irons for cast iron work, and watched several You Tubes of guys making a show of it. Here's the deal. The illustrations for the caulking irons are either unclear, or outright confusing about the differences between inside and outside caulking iron. Some show the bevel one way, some the other, and in videos I have seen guys doing it wrong, and some right.
So here is an Old Turd Herder trivia question : When using caulking irons correctly, the lead is pushed away from the outside of the pipe towards the middle of the lead ring, and the lead is also pushed from the inside of the hub to the middle of the lead ring. It is optional to finish the lead off with a flat nosed iron to smooth it.
True, OR is it the other way around? The lead is forced against the outside of the pipe and inside of the hub, leaving a depressed middle in the lead ring?
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