1. E


    This happens randomly through the year. MOST of the time the cold is cold and hot is hot. now they are switched. So that means its not a bad hookup or something because usually it works. What could be the issue?
  2. T

    Question about new AO Smith Gas Hot Water Heater

    Hi everyone, quick question. I installed my new AO Smith Gas Water Heater and it comes with these blue heat trap/nipples on both the hot and cold side. Since i installed the new tank, my water pressure has almost been cut in half. Could i simply removing the plastic blue things by just yanking...
  3. C

    5 min of hot water after changing cartridge on dual delta shower

    Our master bath shower had two shower heads. One was leaking/dripping so our plumber changed both cartridges since he was already there. That fixed the leak, but ever since one side gets too hot and the other side only stays hot for 5 minutes before slowly getting colder and colder. Our plumber...
  4. dwhightowe

    Phister Avante, Shower 10° cooler than sink

    This shower valve, at its hottest setting, runs at least 10° less than the sink faucet that is right next to it. Is there some kind of internal adjustment to it? Perhaps to protect against scalding? Our kid is now a grownup and wants his showers hotter, and if I don't fix it I'm afraid he will...
  5. monkey1

    New Tankless gas water heater no flame, how to fix?

    New generic Chinese Ebay Tankless gas water heater no flame. I tried blowing and sucking on the gas inlet with my mouth and manually turn on the micro switch but couldn't blow through. New battery. Good pressure. When I manually open the micro switch, I see the ignition sparks. I also hear the...
  6. William Cooley

    Selectable Hot/Cold Solenoids for Bypass Humidifier

    Thoughts on adding a second solenoid, plumbed to hot water, so that a bypass humidifier can run without the furnace (heat)? Each solenoid valve would be plumbed to hot or cold water. The output would union before entering the bypass humidifier. Ecobee thermostat set to "steam humidifier"...
  7. monkey1

    Tankless hot water heater related questions

    I am replacing my tankless HWH soon. I have a few questions related to the new unit. 1. My municipality provides 7 CW natural gas pressure for my residential line. If I buy a tankless HWH that is rated for 8 CW, will it run? 2. How often do I REALLY need to descale the tankless HWH with white...
  8. Jim Em

    Surging Hot/Cold Electric Tankless Water Heater

    Recently I bought a electric tankless water heater, I have a hot/cold surging problem. PLEASE NOTE: this is an ELECTRIC TANKLESS SYSTEM. The system uses well water. OK, the inner workings of the heater There is no way to set the temperature There is no digital display on the heater It is a...
  9. elmo3334

    Can anyone help me with setting up a new water dispenser for the office?

    My company just ordered a replacement for the water dispenser in the office. I thought it was as easy as unpacking, plugging in, switching on and placing a water bottle on (sadly in that exact order :(). To my defense, I work and live in a foreign country so the manual was not in English and I...
  10. Mitch Schneider

    Cold water in hot line in 1 of 4 bathroom faucets

    I hav a dilemma here. My master bathroom sink faucet runs cold water on both sides. If I turn the cold supply line off hot water returns. I replaced the kitchen single hole faucet today to a regular two controlled faucet. All bathrooms are dual controlled showers and sinks and all run hot and...
  11. Eskaymarsha

    Disgusting smell under kitchen sink

    Hey! I did a renovation 2 years ago so my kitchen is new. I also have a whole house water filtration system with softener installed in the basement at the water main and a reverse osmosis system installed feeding my ice maker and a "drinking water" double faucet at one of my kitchen sinks. A...
  12. Pristinephoenix

    Hot water turns cold in shower

    So, we’ve just recently had this problem in our main bathroom of our house built in 1973. When the hot water from anywhere else in the house is used, and someone is using the shower, the shower water immediately turns cold. There is also an issue of the hot water not being as, I guess you could...
  13. Jan B

    New home owner!!! Navien ch-180 won't acknowledge thermostat!!!

    My husband and I just bought our new home 3 weeks ago. The house had been vacant for a few months before we occupied it so I am sure the former owners turned down the temps on the system. Initially the system seemed like it was running well. We started getting an error message on it that said...
  14. Chris L

    Hot/cold outdoor faucet?

    Does anyone have any good hot/cold outdoor faucet solutions they'd like to share? I'm currently waffling between a Woodford 22 or C22 and a service sink faucet like this. Use case is watering plants, washing dogs, and water for the kids. I had a single-handle Moen hot/cold outdoor faucet in...
  15. Mike N

    Hot Water Varies Hour by Hour

    I have a roughly-10-year-old 75 gallon State Select gas water heater. We live in upper central Illinois. We noticed that the temperature of our hot water varies with it being just barely warm enough when turned on full hot to being almost scalding. We noticed it when taking a shower in the...
  16. Omar Alsweiti

    Exhaust smell coming from hot water heater when it's not running

    I don't know a lot about this stuff but i'll give it my best shot. Background: We came home one day and our hotwater heater wasn't running. Plumber came out and after troubleshooting, he replaced the faulty power vent fan (broke the pilot viewing window in the process though). The hotwater...
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