1. BryceinSLC

    High Loop Drain that Goes Below Trap

    Hello All... First post of this forum, here we go! My dishwasher's drain line has a high loop... but.. after the loop it goes down to below the sink trap and back up to the disposal. (actually its goes slightly above the disposal, then back down to the disposal, so 2 high loops?) Is this ok? I...
  2. davearonson

    Washing machine hose length?

    Our washing machine has a hose that comes out the bottom back, goes over to the sink, drapes into the sink, and is then long enough that the filter on the end (like a mesh sock) is laying down in the sink and getting moldy. We're thinking of cutting it short so that the filter dangles like it...
  3. garrett1199

    OUTSIDE SPIGOT 7/8inch?? help!

    Replacing an outside leaky faucet. Problem is the piping coming off the house is ~7/8inch (I tried both half inch and 1 inch just to try). They do not sell outside faucet in a 7/8inch so I started looking for an adapter but really having no luck on that front. Could someone link an adapter or...
  4. LDX

    Proper metal connector for washer hose brass vs stainless

    Hello, Hope someone can assist. I am replacing my washer and dryer including the hoses. Have to connect two 6' hoses to supply water for my steam dryer too. Bought two sets of the (apparently) best stainless braid coated with pvc hoses I could find...
  5. Peoples

    Washing Machine Hose Leaking

    I just a got a washing machine. Of course I want to see it work in my unit and I keep coming across a problem. Water is leaking from the hose at the connecting part to valve only on the cold water side. On the hotside it works fine. I replaced that hose on the cold side with a SS braided hose...
  6. Tex13

    Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

    I have a 10+ Hansgrohe Talis high arch kitchen faucet. The hose is leaking. Do I need to order a Hansgrohe hose $60 or can I use a generic? Do big box stores HD or Lowes sell the generics? I suspect I need slide rings, the old one looks worn, but maybe will clean up w vinegar once leaking...
  7. Sbas

    Will a 1/2" male thread to 3/4" PEX affect flow to hot water heater?

    Hi guys. I'm building a tiny house on wheels and my plumber used 3/4" PEX to my hot water heater. This 3/4" PEX goes outside my wall where I will hook up a garden hose to. the water inlet flanges I am looking at are 3/4" hose thread but the back side is 1/2" male thread. I would need to use a...
  8. Chris L

    Hot/cold outdoor faucet?

    Does anyone have any good hot/cold outdoor faucet solutions they'd like to share? I'm currently waffling between a Woodford 22 or C22 and a service sink faucet like this. Use case is watering plants, washing dogs, and water for the kids. I had a single-handle Moen hot/cold outdoor faucet in...
  9. Rob Boutin

    Simple garden hose sprinkler on Well pump issue

    Hello! I have been searching the forums for an answer for my dilemma for a while. I haven't been able to find a thread that answers it, but please forward me to one if it does exist. Now onto the issue... I have recently moved into a new home and completely redid the front lawn, as it was a...
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