1. JimNY

    Flushometer handle drips briefly during flush - what's needed for more than a temporary fix?

    Sequence: Plumber is over for an unrelated problem, and asked to look at the handle. Says "easy fix" and swaps in a new handle. Leak stops for a few months. Then repeat. Curious if there perhaps is a more deeply internal part that could use attention? (Presto Valve, Coyne and Delaney, Brooklyn...
  2. Shivam

    Delta Faucet cartridge won't go back in

    Hello, I had a leak in the shower faucet, so I took the cartridge out, replaced the rubber and springs and now trying to put it back. But it won't fit back. I have twisted and pushed with enough force, but it just won't go in all the way. It was a little hard to take it out as well, but I didn't...
  3. DanaG

    Valley Shower Handle Removal

    I am trying to replace my shower handle and I can 't quite figure out how to remove the old handle. I have removed the lever and the escutcheon, but cannot get the rest off. I can't find any screws or anything on the handle, and I am wondering if anyone knows how to remove? Any input is appreciated!
  4. BadSurprise

    Failing dual handle kitchen shut off valve

    If a dual handle, dual outlet shut off valve that supplies hot water to the faucet and dishwasher was failing, would that impact the performance of the dishwasher? New dishwasher bought 9/2016, stopped effectively cleaning 1/2018 Single handle faucet replaced 11/2018 Appliance repair man...
  5. enorton15

    Cant find the right parts.

    Hi there, I have been struggling to find the right flush handle replacement for my toilet. It's different than any flushing mechanism that I have seen. instead of having a water pressure valve, when you take off the lid it has a bucket that fills with water and when flushed the bucket flips over...
  6. Carlos ojeda Aponte

    Valley, Help Identifying shower valve

    Hey! Love the forum! I need help Identifying this valve. The plumber said it was a Delta, but at the plumbers supply store, they said it wasn't (Plus they didn't have the replacement) I want to replace it because it's leaking and also get a new trim and handle. Any help? I appreciate it!
  7. Mark Ezrin

    Stuck Moen Posi-Temp shower cartridge components

    Hi, I'm not even sure what to title this. I've got an old Moen shower head (moved in 2001) that leaks. I'm sure it is the cartridge. When I take apart the handle (single handle unit), i get to a few parts that prevent me from getting to the cartridge. Please see the attached pictures. How do I...
  8. demeeder

    Shower faucet brand help

    I have a broken handle on my shower faucet and I can't seem to find what brand it is. Hardware stores don't carry handles to fit this stem and online searches are not helping me nail down this type. Appreciate any help out there. Thanks!!
  9. SoCalLex

    Can’t identify & disassemble widespread faucet handle

    I can’t identify my faucet so I can’t find info on how to disassemble it. I’ve read other posts but they don’t seem to work with the trim I have. I was assuming I had to take the trim off... so I haven’t tried wrenching the nut yet. So if someone can either identify the maker of the faucet that...
  10. puertoricanpete

    Help Removing This Old Handle

    Hello everyone! I've run across a leak that I'm trying to fix with my bathtub, but cannot remove the handles. These seem like older handles and I don't see any caps or screws like I've seen before (or found on the internet) and am looking for guidance on how to remove them. I've taken some...
  11. Mitch_R

    How toilets work - holding the handle down for more water

    I've seen many comments on here about holding the handle down to get more water in the flush. I think those comments were referring to Toto toilets. Does holding the handle down have the same effect of increasing the volume of water with other brands. Specifically, I'm looking at the Kohler...
  12. Dan F.

    Finding Replacement Shutoff Valve Handle

    Hello, I have a shutoff valve to an outdoor hose bib. The red handle literally cracked off (a few months ago) and I'd like to replace it so I don't have to turn the stem with pliers to shutoff the water. It's a multi-turn valve and I counted the ridges at 16. I bought a 16-point broach valve...
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