1. Aaron Beatty

    American Standard toilet with Flushmate 2042.417 One Piece - Cannot find check valve

    Hi, I have an American Standard toilet with Flushmate 2042.017 One Piece. When I flush the toilet, water sprays up through the check valve. I believe that the check valve needs to be replaced, but for the live of me I cannot locate the part. From what I can tell it is discontinued. Any...
  2. Sunnyday

    Dripping in drain pipe under toilet.

    Hello. Looking for a little advice. Just replaced a leaking Sloan flushmate system. Water was leaking into tank from a hole in the old flushmate. Relatively easy install but now that the new one is in I am hearing a dripping sound in the cellar under the toilet. Sounds like it’s in the PVC...
  3. DAB-10701

    Okay to replace Ecoflush B8104 (1.1gpf) w/ Flushmate M-101526-F31k (1.6gpf)?

    I'm not gonna do this myself, but before I engage a plumber, I want to know the direction I'm headed in. Toilet is an American Standard Yorkville 3701.016 (same spec sheet as the 2876.016, it looks like). It's a discontinued model, but replacing the toilet is not a good option, because the tile...
  4. Mastsh12

    Sloan M-101526-f3 Vacuum Breaker leaking

    Hey Folks, I'm up at my folks place for Fathers day and they asked me to take a look at the leaking guest room toilet. I replaced the duckbill valve in the upper supply group about 6 months ago the last time it was dribbling. Well, now the dribble is coming out of the vacuum breaker...
  5. Terry

    Putting a pressure assist in an older toilet.

    I got asked today by someone from Arizona about putting a pressure assist in an old Kohler toilet. He wanted to switch out a gravity tank with a pressure assist tank. He was telling me that the pressurized air would produce a great amount of water. A huge amount in fact. I tried to tell him that...
  6. vkulesho

    Pressure assisted toilet sprays seat

    I just installed new Kohler with pressure assist (K3493-47, Flushmate 503)). It puts a powerful swirl that hits the back wall and sprays everything within a foot from the bowl. I don't see anything that I can adjust. Does it mean that I have too much pressure in my house system? If yes, am I...
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