fleck 5600sxt

  1. Khmchitown

    Water still not conditioned

    I put a new Fleck 5600 head on my tank, rebedded it with new resin, and added new salt in the brine tank. I ran through all the cycles to confirm water was flowing in and out of both tanks (even put a flashlight behind the resin tank to see the resin moving during backwash). Yet after a...
  2. LowEnder

    Fleck 5600 SXT 48k - suggested settings

    Greetings! Have been lurking here for a while researching water softeners and settings for a couple of months, and finally bought and installed a new fleck 5600sxt cabinet softener @ 1.5 cubic Ft. (48k). I currently live alone here, and hardness reported by the city is 22-25 with iron @ .92...
  3. J0501

    Fleck 5600sxt questions

  4. Stuuke

    Starting my search for a water softener

    Great forum. We've had some issues with dishes coming clean, buildup on shower heads, toilets and some pipes, rust color in the shower and I've started looking into the quality of our water. I've read through a few threads on here so hopefully I have the information you need to help. Here is...
  5. IowaHardWater

    Would like a confirmation on Fleck 5600SXT settings

    I've read through several posts which are similar to my own situation, but wanted to double check the values I've taken from other posts. I recently purchased and plumbed my setup: Fleck 5600SXT 48000 grain 10% crosslink resin Municipal Water Hardness of 18 Iron of 0 4 household members (two...
  6. JRM12

    Fleck 5600SXT Setting Help

    I purchased a house with a 5600SXT legacy system. I have never had a water softener before, and was not involved with the original programming. The person living in the house before us was a single 80+ year old man. I have a family of 6. I do not know how to find out the capacity of the system...
  7. ProAvia

    Fleck 5600SXT 64K Settings Help Requested

    Requesting help setting up my softener for best efficiency (balance of salt/water use each regen). Fleck 5600SXT 64k - 12x48 tank 2.0 ft3 10% resin (per dealer) Brine tank - 14.5x14.5x34 Hardness runs 5-20 grains, avg 16.5 (city report) City water BLFC - 0.5 gpm Salt - 1.5# min DLFC - blank...
  8. Eljay

    Looking for a Las Vegas plumber to install a water softener

    Our water softener, a Culligan Medalist from about 10 years ago, began leaking a little while back. I'll be purchasing a replacement unit, a Fleck 5600sxt, myself and would like someone to install it. Please message me if you do work around the Las Vegas area.
  9. Eljay

    Culligan Safety float reusable

    First post from an inexperienced DIYer. Professional advice here in the post and in future ones is GREATLY appreciated. A Culligan Medalist control valve began leaking from a side seam where a top plate meets the bottom assembly. This leak is not at any connection point for any pipes or...
  10. mvoorhees

    Fleck 5600 32,000 Grain overall height???

    I'm looking at getting the fleck 5600 32,ooo grain system or possibly the 5600sxt but my closet it is going in only has 54.5" of clearance. Several sites list different heights. Some say 54" others say 56". Does anyone have this unit that can give me the exact height?
  11. Tanya1017

    Help me verify the settings for a Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 grain in San Antonio

    I currently have a Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 capacity system with a city water hardness of 20gpg. I was recently advised to regenerate 12-15 lbs of salt per cycle since my current settings currently leave hard water spots on my dishes, faucets, and showers. This number seems very high. I currently...
  12. Mark F

    Fleck 5600SXT water softener barely using any salt

    I have a Fleck 5600SXT 56,000 grain water softener. It was installed by a plumber (not a water softener company) about 10 months ago. I am wondering if it is working properly. The controller seems to be working fine. I know it is doing its regeneration in a timely matter. I don't see any...
  13. Roger91465

    Fleck 5600sxt installed but no soft water

    I have installed 5600sxt and seems to be operating as its supposed to but no hard water. bypass closed, salt in brine tank, suction good to brine tank, injector screen fine, cycles through with no issues, uses salt, pulls brine, refills brine tank fine. After its done regenerating, check...
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