fleck 5600

  1. Dwest36

    Very hard water, Dumb blonde, water softener not programmed correctly. Fleck 5600se, please help!!

    Hello friends! Complete idiot here, and believe me I’ve tried everything before I reached out here. Basically I have hard water that is unresolved. My landlord is extremely unhelpful, unfriendly, etc..I have what I believe is an air injection DUAL tank fleck 5600se. That’s what’s printed on the...
  2. Bernard Dan

    Flood prevention

    I own a Fleck 5600 head coupled with an old Culligan Medallist salt container. Somehow the water does not flow into the salt container, never did ever since the installation of the head. The head delivers the water, I checked, but the floater and pipe that leads the water to the bottom of the...
  3. HLearning

    Fleck 5600 Mechanical vs Clack WS1

    I'm thinking about getting the Fleck 5600 or the Clack Ws1 Because I live in a starter house that i may move out of in a few years, I don't necessary want to throw away money at a temporary place.. Online, it says fleck 5600 is 8% but i'm not sure how retailers are claiming it's 10% cross-link...
  4. Tygerant

    Water hammer at end of softener cycle

    Hi we have a Fleck 5600 its a couple of years old, it seemed to work ok but when it was 6-8 months it started to get water hammer towards end of cycle. The hammer got progressively worse so after reading some I tightened up metal nut on valve line that goes to brine tank then both line nuts...
  5. ClassicMuscle

    Fleck 9000 Issue & Unusual Set-up?

    First off, thank you for any help that you are able to provide! I have never paid much attention to our water softener before outside of filling it, but it is now having issues and I am looking for help. We bought our house approximately 10 years ago. It is on a shared well with a neighbor...
  6. CanDo

    Fleck 5600 - Brine tank fills AFTER regen

    Had a problem with my Fleck 5600 softener getting stuck in the "Brine rinse" phase of regen. Took it apart. Cleaned. Greased. Could not find any issues, so put it back together. First regen went great, but noticed a bit of a leak at the brine tube connection (at the softener). When taking the...
  7. Haarstad

    Replacing/Upgrading Dead Fleck

    Hi All- My 17 year-old, 12-day Fleck 5600 valve head died in the typical manner (stuck in backwash, timer not moving). It was manufactured and put into service when we built the house in 2001. We were told by the builder to simply push out the pins equal to the number of persons living in the...
  8. Eljay

    Culligan Safety float reusable

    First post from an inexperienced DIYer. Professional advice here in the post and in future ones is GREATLY appreciated. A Culligan Medalist control valve began leaking from a side seam where a top plate meets the bottom assembly. This leak is not at any connection point for any pipes or...
  9. mvoorhees

    Fleck 5600 32,000 Grain overall height???

    I'm looking at getting the fleck 5600 32,ooo grain system or possibly the 5600sxt but my closet it is going in only has 54.5" of clearance. Several sites list different heights. Some say 54" others say 56". Does anyone have this unit that can give me the exact height?
  10. Sandrews

    Installed new softener wrong, help?

    Good morning! So, I purchased a Fleck 5600 SXT online and just installed it two evenings ago. Got most of it done right. Shut off the water, drained it, cut out the old one, installed the new one. Where I realized I missed the directions was in the actual opening up of the new softener...
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