expansion tank

  1. S

    New Expansion tank on hot water boiler - but still getting water overflow

    I've recently installed a new expansion tank on my hot water boiler. The tank is not full of water and releases air when i press the schrader valve. However, the bucket below my TP relief valve continues to fill with water...I need to empty it once a week or I get a wet basement floor. I have...
  2. Eric Padraic

    Thermostatic mixing valve plus expansion tank both at water heater... what's wrong with my configuration?

    Hi all, I'm trying to troubleshoot a thermostatic mixing valve that's installed directly at the domestic hot water heater outlet, but which is not giving the desired temp. This is the first time we've installed these valves along with a thermal expansion tank as part of the same install, and...
  3. Scott Baxla

    T & P valve on water heater blowing

    A friend's water system has been working fine for at least 10 years. This week the T & P valve on the hot water heater started leaking. (Mounted on the top of the tank - don't have to drain tank to replace it.) My first suspicion was bad T & P release valve, so I replaced it. The new one did...
  4. Myhouse

    Do I need an expansion tank?

    Some background info: House was built in 1956. City water, has a Watts 25AUB pressure reducer at the meter. It's set to 50 psi now. (In March of this year I finally noticed the water was blasting out of the shower head, so I checked the pressure - it was at 85 psi! The locknut on the PRV's...
  5. CTHaze

    What's wrong with my water pressure?? (trying to lower water pressure)

    My house has a pressure regulating valve and a expansion tank above the water heater. House was built in 2000. I'm trying to lower my water pressure which currently reads 82 psi when idle. When I run the kitchen faucet it falls to 50 psi and when I shut it off it then slowly climbs (I hear a...
  6. JustAnotherHomeOwner

    Floor Mounted Hydronic Expansion Tank 4.5 or 6Gal - Do They Exist?

    Hi all... TLDR: Any suggestions for brands who make a 4.5 or 6 gal hydronic expansion tank designed to sit on the floor? i.e. Air-valve not on the bottom, with appropriate stand/feet/legs I have a *very* small mechanical room with a lot going on. I have a 125,000 BTU/h combi-boiler " feeding...
  7. Bob123456

    Water hammer problems whole house.

    Hi Everyone I had a water filtration system installed by a professional company recently and am experiencing water hammer throughout the house. It is most noticeable in my main floor powder room that has a new toilet. After the toilet is flushed a random series of bangs and (water hammer)...
  8. BobD777

    Boiler, Leaking pressure relief valve

    Thanks in advance for your help on this! I've had a leak in a pressure relief valve coming off the boiler that is now being used only for DHW. I changed the relief valve, but it still leaks. So I'm now thinking about looking at replacing the system's pressure reducing valve (taco 329-3), since...
  9. -Wims-

    Help?! Late night water expansion tank leak

    I just went down to my basement before bed and found that my "potable water expansion tank" is leaking. Pretty sure it's the tank itself leaking and not fittings; I can see a spray out of one side of the tank and there's an actual leak out of the bottom. I know nothing about plumbing. I am...
  10. M1687

    Aqua-Therm Wood Boiler Installation

    I'm replacing an Aqua-Therm Model 270 outdoor wood boiler with a newer used model (275SS). The boiler that is being replaced developed a leak in the firebox where the liner expanded inward towards the area where the logs are placed. Looking at other installations online, I noticed that who...
  11. KM in NH

    Well pump or expansion tank?

    Good Morning, We're on a well and all of the sudden, we lost water. All faucets are dry. The pressure gauge on the expansion tank is at zero. We've contacted our local service (wells & pumps) and they're coming out tomorrow. However, they told us that it's probably the tank and not the pump...
  12. Dallin Lewis

    Expansion Tank Installation--horizontal with flex pipes

    I installed an A.O. Smith water heater with a friend (handier than me) a few weeks back. There's intermittent leaking at the T/P valve, and I'm confident that I need to install an expansion tank (the old heater had one, but it is not reusable). My question is whether I can work with the flex...
  13. Eljay

    Expansion Tank install options with up connection

    We moved into a home with a PRV but no water heater expansion tank. Leaks around the house have made installing an expansion tank a priority. Better late than never. I see many folks installing tanks horizontally with/without straps or vertically with the connection down. I'd just like to...
  14. gadolphus32

    Is my expansion tank bad?

    I have a hot-water system. The boiler was installed in 1949 and there is a metallic expansion tank hanging close to it in between rafters in the basement. The tank is also old but does not appear to be as old as the boiler. Lately the boiler has been releasing a lot of water (about a gallon an...
  15. Aaron Beatty

    Replaced pressure relief valve but still leaking, new expansion tank?

    Hi, First time here, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. I fired up my boiler for the first time a week or so ago and shortly after noticed that the pressure relief valve was leaking a steady drip of water. I replaced the pressure relief valve, but the leak persisted. Having done some...
  16. Mike Garrod

    Expansion tank for hot water tank?

    According to Canadian NPC, provision must be made for thermal expansion when check valves or pressure reducing valves are installed. Is the T&P relief valve sufficient to meet this requirement? Or must an expansion tank be installed. I always install an expansion tank when check valves are...
  17. Lanmark79

    Is an expansion tank needed for my new water heater?

    Hello, I'm Lanmark, I came across this cool plumbing forum and it certainly looked like a great forum to get some good advice on plumbing.. So I just installed a new electric water heater, and I have my house psi set to 52 from my PRV. I have my new water heater, a 38 gallon set to 130 F on...
  18. Audra Caler

    What is the purpose of this second expansion tank on our boiler?

    Hi all, We just bought a house with a Weil Mclain WTGO-3 115k BTU Output Gold Oil Boiler w/ Tankless Heater and baseboard heating and have been struggling to understand why the system has two expansion tanks. The smaller expansion tank adjacent to the boiler is a Therm-X-Trol ST-5 (2 gallon)...
  19. Tony De

    New house with boiler, need help!

    Just bought a house with an older boiler. It's been working pretty well, but I need to replace a couple of zone valves. I am an electrician, and pretty handy with tools but I have no experience with boilers and don't really want to flood or blow up my new place. I can replace the valves, but I...
  20. Devin G

    My Waterheater is Splitting Down the Side.

    Hello I just bought my new house and maybe two months after I bought it the water heater is now split down the side and the top looks like it's popping off. Water heaters covered under niba Home Warranty but only if it's leaking the bulge doesn't count or so they say. What should I do
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