double fixture

  1. beauesq

    DWV Layout; back to the drawing board?

    Hi all, love this forum! Has been a huge help getting me closer to passing inspection as an owner-contractor updating in IPC country. Ok, so in this initial layout (image) A) I tried a rolled wye above centerline for dry venting the toilet and shower only to learn on inspection that dry vent...
  2. Cadobe

    Shower and tub horizontal drain

    Hi, Is it possible (WA code allowance) to use the Double Fixture 3" Hub to be used on both shower and tub drainage? I like to have the side ends for shower and tub. The long straight end goes to the 3" drain pipe and the opposite used for cleanout. Edited: the fitting needs to be on...
  3. Strapping Young Comrad

    Adding sink drain to washer drain without going thru studs

    Hi All, I have been researching this and have not seen an exact scenario but I am hoping that I have come to the correct answers. If someone can review my potential install that would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to add a utility sink drain to my existing washer drain plumbing. I have...
  4. MNeeseSpokane

    Double Vanity Alternative Rough In Layout

    Hello, this forum has been exceedingly helpful for me. One question I have as I rough in a basement bathroom, is whether the following double vanity rough in layout is acceptable. I drew my understanding of the traditional layout that I would prefer (Option A), but due to the space constraint...
  5. heckmab

    Double Vanity with AAV

    Hello, I really appreciate this amazing forum. I’m an HVAC guy trying to learn plumbing. I am currently remodeling my master bathroom and live in Rochester, NY. House was built in 1988. Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology to describe my issue. My issue is this: we want to install...
  6. tethys

    Adding 2nd Sink and Plumbing Complexities

    Hi all, I was pointed in this direction by a dear friend with many years in the reno business. I am currently gutting a master bath, and moving a sink from one wall to another to join an existing sink. To put it a bit more simply, I'd like to install a double sink vanity on a wall where a...
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