1. M

    Half Bath Toilet/Sink Angle Stops

    Hoping someone can tell me which angle stop I need. I get to the store and theres so many!! Also want to confirm that they are compression and not sweat. It’s a toilet supply angle stop & two for pedestal sink that we’re replacing with vanity.
  2. T

    single to double vanity drain with stack on far left side

    Doing a bathroom remodel where I am changing to a double sink vanity. After looking around a bit I have seen how to handle the drains with venting when the stack is in the same wall. Although I am a bit unsure how to address my situation where the stack is in the adjacent wall. This is the main...
  3. J

    Tub/Vent Question

    Hello everyone, I am doing a remodel and have tied my new bath drain into a conveniently placed existing vent. Based on my research I thought it would be okay in this circumstance but am now questioning the setup and looking for a second or third opinion. The new bath drain ties into the...
  4. B

    Advice for 3 sinks on one drain

    Hello all. I have been searching this forum and the internet and can't find a solid answer and hope you can help. I want to put a 1.5" horizontal drain for a double vanity sink from one bathroom, then connect the sink in the bathroom on the other side of the wall to this same horizontal line...
  5. B

    Removed wet what?

    Recently removed a wet bar and wanted to get some advice. The house was built in 1978 and is a four level split. I removed the wet bar which is located on the lower level slab of the split. The supply lines and drain are approximately 6ft into the slab from the basement block. The supply line...
  6. 0rder66

    Help with installing a toilet hand shower bidet

    Greetings all, I am sorry for this really newbie question, I have spent the last 1 week reading all about different types of fittings and threads and the more I google the more I am confused everyday. I am trying to install a toilet hand shower that I bought from Amazon. I thought this one was...
  7. M

    Bathroom Remodel Options - Double Sink Vanity & Drainage

    Hi All, First time poster and first time remodeling a bathroom. I'm looking to add a double sink vanity where there used to be just a single sink. As shown in the attached images, the old drain pipe came out of the shower wall and through the side of the old vanity (Image 1) with no vent or...
  8. quantumbass

    Venting and routing for a recovery replacement of pipes

    Hello, I had to have my original copper drain pipes pulled, and I am trying to pick up where my house was left after someone bailed on me. The short of it was that a copper 2" pipe went through the HVAC return duct right over the HVAC main stack with a failing joint there, so it was supposed to...
  9. LakeDwellerMN

    Different pipe sizes coming from tank to rest of house

    All, We had a new well pump and tank installed (1/2hp and 14gal horizontal tank) last year. At the time, the plumber was unable to source a 20gal tank in a reasonable amount of time. Plumber has since retired. (no longer likes to take calls regarding his work). The check valve he installed...
  10. Dumb DIY

    Rubber Gasket won’t seat onto 2 inch PVC shower drain all the way.

    Hey guys, Replacing an old acrylic shower pan that was on it’s last leg with a new acrylic one. The shower pan I bought came with a special drain that I haven’t seen before. Standard center drain, however the drain has a rubber gasket that is supposed to fit over the 2 inch pvc drain pipe. Had...
  11. Br1Guy

    Issues with contractor work, removed 90% of joist.

    I just had issues with the contractor because he removed probably 90% of a joist which you can see in the second attached picture. The first attached picture was where the joist butted up to a support joist where the shower used to be. When asking the contractor about removing so much material...
  12. Nay

    Low water pressure after remodel

    Hello. I had to change my entire shower and I put a shutoff valve on the cold and hot water lines. They stayed off (and uncapped- I only recently learned about caps) for just over 2 months. The line goes bathroom sink-> shower-> kitchen sink. Ever since I put the shut off valves on, the water...
  13. Jason1

    DIY Water Heater Installation

    Hello Everyone, great forum. My water heater is leaking and needs to be replaced and I'm thinking about doing it myself with compression adaptors and flexible stainless steel corrugated connectors, and a gas flex line...
  14. ari

    Splitting and merging supply lines

    Hi, first off, I'd like to thank this forum for all the plumbing advice I've read as a guest. I haven't been able to find an answer to this particular question so I finally joined. I am making a heat exchanger for my shower trap arm. I have a 2" section of copper drain pipe that I want to coil...
  15. Rebecca Huss

    Reduced hot water flow in Moen single push/pull knob tub & shower

    Hello, Hoping someone can lend some advice. We just bought an older house - built in 1975. There is a single handle push/pull Moen tub/shower combo in the master bath. The sink (which is close to the plumbing for the shower, runs beautifully). When the knob is turned to the hot water side...
  16. kallanreed

    Freestanding Tub Drain

    I’d been noticing a mystery puddle on the floor near our freestanding tub occasionally after it’s used. Finally saw some water underneath the silicone that holds the tub to the floor. Previous owners were DIY types, but not really DI correctly Y (as I’ve been learning). In the crawlspace the...
  17. Jeff Davis

    Help on plumbing a portable softwash system

    As you likely know, a softwash system is a way to wash cars, house siding, and roofs that uses low pressure as opposed to a pressure washer, which uses high pressure. I'd like to build my own softwash system, and I know roughly what I want, but I'm not sure what plumbing parts to buy, and I may...
  18. B. Clark

    Stumped by double vanity

    Background Info: Upstairs double vanity. Both sinks won't drain. Sink 1 on L side; Sink 2 on R side. Sink 2 overflow connects to Sink 1's tailpiece. Single-piece vanity top. Troubleshooting Measures Taken: Pulled P-traps and tailpieces. Sink 1's tailpiece was full of sediment in overflow...
  19. Joegambler0

    Professional DIY advice for new built

    Hi everyone, Going to move soon from FL to Costa Rica and build an off grid Quonset hut. Looking for expert opinions on my choices of plumbing supplies that I am taking with me for the plumbing system. I am in maintenance now and want a good, least trouble free and long lasting system. Rinnai...
  20. NickLo

    Drain lines for basement bathroom and laundry

    Hello everyone. First post. This forum has been really helpful so thanks in advance for anything you can provide. I wanted to get some feedback from everyone on this mapping of these drain lines. Couple of things to note. 1. I'm in Maryland which uses the IPC to my knowledge. 2. Everything...
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