cold water

  1. cTogar

    Rinnai - Cold Water Sandwich when recirc is on

    Hi - we have a Rinnai Tankless, RUR98i, installed as part of a new build. It has the recirculation feature, which we have been told should give us instant hot water and avoid a cold water sandwich. Since we've moved in, we've experienced the following - When the recirc is on, we do get...
  2. PiscesDragon212

    New York City tap water seasonal temperatures

    Do any plumbers know what the average temperatures of New York City cold tap water are during each season? My cold tap water seems to be warmer than it should be.
  3. Henry Ramsey

    Supplier(s) of 1-1/2 PEX for hot and cold

    My condominium association in Houston just finished replacing the original 1-1/2" galvanized hot water line in one of our four buildings with CPVC but now we want cold side done too since we have 6 peoples' ceilings open. People are wondering why we did not use PEX from the start. The plumbing...


    Hi All, Looking for some advice. We just purchased a home. Water heater is new. Last night our first night there we realized there was no hot water in the tub. The faucet was on wrong and we fixed it. Both hot and cold were coming out of the sink and tub. This morning we wake up and the...
  5. Manuel Angel Batrez

    Adding a Shutoff Valve to a Water Heater

    I currently have a PVC Sch 40 Ball Valve as the shutoff of cold water into my water heater. I'm afraid of breaking it everytime I try to shut it off. I need to use a wrench to fully close it. I was wondering if there was a way to install a new shutoff valve "down the line". The current Ball...
  6. TexasDIY

    Phister bathroom tub faucet leak

    Hello from Texas, y'all! I'm the new DIY gal here and I'm trying like hell to fix a leak in my bathroom. When the water is turned off at main, and I have extracted the stems, washers and seat to the tub fixtures, the cold water still runs. I have replaces the seats, washer and stems THREE...
  7. UnhappyRenter85

    Cold water line to hot water heater flipped with upstairs

    Hello, First post, looking for some advice. The water company here came to upgrade the meters and found out that our cold water is switched with the upstairs tenant. What ramifications does this have, will it affect my bill? its supposedly just the cold water line to the hot water...
  8. Tony G.

    Help needed figuring out cold water pressure issue

    Hey everyone, Newbie here. I have a shower with a single handle that delivers only hot water. I decided to open her up and see what I was dealing with. There is hot water pipe and a cold water pipe both fitted with stop valves. My first attempt to figure out why there was no cold water pressure...
  9. Nish

    Single Thud sound from cold water pipe by the boiler after flusing

    Hi guys, Thank you in advance for your response and the previous forums on this site. I have read through almost all the water hammer problems that were posted on these threads and I think my problem is slight bit different. I am the first owner of this newly built house in 2007. It has been...
  10. Timothy Pruden

    Tap Water Yellow After Repairs

    After I accidentally broke the cold water supply line to my bathroom sink due to corrosion, I was eventually able to learn how to solder copper pipe, and successfully replaced both lines without any leaks! Unfortunately the tap water (both lines) has since taken on a noticeably yellow tint...
  11. plumbingDope

    Cold Water Line to Kitchen not Working

    I recently had my kitchen remodeled. When the sink was relocated, new lines were replaced with PEX Tubing up from the copper piping running in my laundry room directly below it. Under the sink, the remodeler T'd off of the cold PEX Tubing to run a line to my fridge for the ice maker...
  12. elle

    Lukewarm cold me solve the mystery!

    As the title indicates, our cold water from ALL faucets starts out cold and within 20-30 seconds turns luke warm. This phenomenon started a month or so ago after a visit from a plumber. The plumber did the following: 1) Replaced a kitchen faucet with a Moen single handle 2) Replaced our washing...
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