1. Mark1400

    Double kitchen sink clogging issue

    The attached picture shows how my double kitchen sink is plumbed. The left sink is only used for drying dishes, with only an occasional cleaning/rinsing of the sink. The garbage disposal on the right is used sparingly - plates are scrapped before a quick rinse so only minimal small food scraps...
  2. Johnny

    Sink Draining / Water Pressure / Bathroom Sink

    Hello! Need help with a bathroom sink. It was clogged really bad and I was able to unclog it. Even when unclogged the water still fills up the sink faster than it can drain. The water pressure is very good. The sink seems to be draining well, but it's just too much water for the size of the...
  3. Lolo611

    Toilet drainage issue after shower

    About 9 months ago, I moved into a house built in 1941. It’s a realtor flip, and no one lived in it for a few years. 3 months in, we started having issues with the downstairs drains—after a few plumbing visits to snake and clear clogs that would leave things perfect for a week or two and then...
  4. Chapel Hillian

    Can using pure Olive Oil face soap ("Kiss my Face" brand) clog drains or pipes?

    Hello, My Dermatologist has recommended I use this soap to wash my face, both in the morning and night. (Previously I was using a soap less face cleanser.) I know that olive oil can clog pipes and drains, so I was wondering if using this Olive Oil face soap twice a day could result in any...
  5. HomeSlicer

    TOTO Ultramax 1.6 vs Ultramax 2 1.28

    Which one flushes better? Which one is more prone to clogging? Ultramax 1 has G-Max flush. Ultramax 2 has Tornado flush. Please compare and contrast how these perform with respect to clogging.
  6. HomeSlicer

    Best toilet for someone who creates frequent clogs requiring a plunger?

    Clogging and plunging a toilet is a frequent problem for me. I can't seem to avoid it. I have narrowed down my search to the following toilets: American Standard Champion 4 (1.6 GPF) TOTO Ultramax (1.6 GPF) TOTO Ultramax 2 (1.28 GPF) TOTO Aquia (.9/1.6 GPF) One would assume that the higher GPF...
  7. Shamrock

    Possible clogging somewhere?

    Ok, so after going to the bathroom everything flushes and fills up fine. After a few hours we come home and notice the water level in the toilet bowl has dropped significantly. When we try to flush again; the toilet wants to overflow. Plunging a few times makes the water level drain and the...
  8. Jenna Smith

    Snaking a Niagara Stealth

    Any plumbers out there have any issues snaking a .8GPF Stealth? Not sure if it's just a rumor, but I've heard that when a Stealth clogs, snakes don't work well, so the toilet has to be pulled. Could it be that the design of the bowl makes it difficult to snake?
  9. Tcnjay

    Issue with hot water abruptly shutting off!

    Hi fellow Plumbers. I ran across an issue today that I am at a loss of words for. The issue is that half of the house has low hot water pressure and the other half is fine. This is also poly pipe. When I turn on the hot water on the left side of the house (ie. kitchen sink, bathroom faucet...
  10. John Conti

    Lots of Metal in a PVC P trap

    Hi All, I am installing a new shower using the not so old existing PVC P trap. The P trap is in the perfect position so I am able to tie into it with no issues. However I found the P trap contained lots of debris. The usual hair which I cleaned out but I also found a significant amount of...
  11. Sean W.

    Toto Aquia II (2 piece) vs Toto Vespin II (2 piece)

    Need some thoughts on which one to go with? Essentially we need a 1.28 flush or .9/1.6 so either works. Will be used by the public but cleaned daily. Does the Aquia II truly have skidding after every use? I'm leaning towards that one because of the looks but the Vespin has CEFIONTECT, a larger...
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