bathroom drain

  1. Ponti

    Help needed drain tiny bathroom

    Hello everyone, I’m currently in the process of transforming a closet into a small bathroom (approximately 36”x6’) and could really use some expert advice on the drain layout. I’ve attached a layout picture for reference, but I’m unsure if the proposed configuration makes sense. Specifically...
  2. Amandeep Singh

    Bathroom Accessories for Lavashing Bathroom Look

    Like other rooms of the house, A bathroom needs attention and attractiveness. Your home hygiene depends on the washroom. Every guest will definitely notice the restroom's condition and equipment. The bathroom is not complete without essential equipment. In another sense, you can say all the...
  3. Dxtr

    Tee vs Wye Pipe?

    Hi there!! I am facing the following problem: We just moved and after shaving one day, I realize that when I drained the water from the guest bathroom sink, the water was coming up from the master bathroom sink. This was a shock as we recently renovated the house, and just moved in, also w had...
  4. HoltH

    Split level home: running new kitchen sewage line in existing downstairs bathroom plumbing

    Remodeling a kitchen that is on the upstairs floor in a split-level home. Moving the kitchen sink to a new location (want it under the window). The new location prevents me from running the drain into the upstairs bathroom plumbing, like the old sink did. Instead, it appears my only option is to...
  5. Oswald Tay

    Help with wet vent with toilet and shower!

    Hi, I am relatively new to plumbing, and I am simply wondering it the design in the picture below is acceptable in terms of venting and wet venting? I am renovating an old basement half bathroom. The drain for the sink is already taken care of, but I am just not sure about the drainage and...
  6. esjr

    New Bathroom Sink Draining Issue

    Hello, My issue is I have recently installed a new bathroom faucet and matching drain. When I turn on the faucet the water eventually backs up the drain and fills the basin. The sink is equipped with an overflow drain. When I installed the new drain I cut the side hole (on the new drain...
  7. Stevevaiamd2006

    Is this wrong or right way to run a drain?

    Hello, I installed a double sink vanity in my bathroom, but the drain pipe is in the middle. Over the weekend I ran the PVC pipe. I inserted an image of the drain. Can I use a P-trap on both sinks like this? What should I correct? How do I fix this? Thanks!
  8. Phil_m

    New Sink Needs New Drain Route

    Replaced an old vanity, went from 36" to 48" and the sink drain will be in a new location from the original. I live this forum and read through tons of other post to get ideas, but still not sure which way to rework the fittings. The space along the vanity cabinet is real tight so I need to...
  9. francoisg

    Replacing a Tub by a Shower in a Condo

    Hi, Apologies if the questions sound simple, but I haven't been able to find an answer after looking online (on this forum and google). We've been renovating our condo (built in the 80s), one bathroom at a time. We first started with the master bathroom and all was pretty straight-forward, we...
  10. RT1001

    Will a slow drain lead to drain flies

    Ok, first post so here it goes: Our shower drain is slow. An enzymatic cleaner typically clears up the issue, at least for a few weeks. Does anyone know if living with a slow drain for periods of time could present an issue for drain fly infestations? Seems like online articles say so...
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