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    Hi, was seriously wanting to try one of these for the convenience bathroom in my unfinished basement. However, due to access & in wall situation I need a right hand lever. I only see it available in standard height. Puzzled as would think could just put a right hand tank on the universal...
  2. ladymarq

    Double sink AAV

    Getting ready to plumb kitchen double sink to drain coming up from the floor. Due to location the re-do rough in plumber said need use AAV. Is this picture the correct/best way to accomplish the job (no disposal) . No inspections required but want to do it right. Read somewhere that this...
  3. ladymarq

    PEX or copper between valve and tub spout

    Know this is ancient thread. I will probably be doing as Brucel mentioned except don't like having make sure get threaded ends so bottom elbow lines up perfect. If need tighten a tad then the elbow ends up mis-alligned. Thus really like PEX adapter fittings. Recently, saw somewhere else...
  4. ladymarq

    Delta R10000 in/out pipe sizing

    Hi Terry, thanks for the reply. That is a combination hadn't seen before. I could just don't have experience soldering so really nervous about that especially at the valve itself. Are the copper fittings threaded (screw onto the valve) and sweat the other end any good? That would keep me...
  5. ladymarq

    Delta R10000 in/out pipe sizing

    Hi, I've searched & read various discussions with flow rates of various roughs, charts of PEX vs copper flows etc but not sure seen anyone specifically address pipe sizing differences in vs the outs. Main feed in from my gravity spring fed system is 1" converting to 3/4" PEX & then tee...
  6. ladymarq

    Entrada round vs elongated length?

    Hi, can someone clarify for me the length of the round vs elongated bowl toilets. I've looked at Toto website & pulled spec sheet for both & both show 28 5/8. Elsewhere, Toto posted 26 5/8 round & 30 for elongated. Seller websites haven't been too helpful either in clarifying matter. If...
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    Laundry box plumbing shift

    Hi, prior posts my house d&v plumbing was a mess. Plumbers finally came after waiting 4 months. Totally re-done. Only connection they left was the laundry box itself (well at least til discovered had to cut to do pressure test as the plug didn't seal tightly & didn't want wait for more glue...
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    Master Bath Rough In ??

    Just to clarify/add. The venting only connects to the main to sewer drains below the floor & goes to roof. Fixtures connect direct to main except master bath tub, lavs, shower which are on branch off main. No above floor fixture vent connections anywhere.
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    Master Bath Rough In ??

    Ok, let me see if understanding. All the" venting" in this house starts below the floor & heads to the roof. Seems this provides system venting but not fixture venting. I'm sure not using proper terminology. In this specific case the Master bath double lav (labeled "T") is "suppose" to be...
  10. ladymarq

    Master Bath Rough In ??

    Thank you for marking up the photo. Very kind. The sketch is a birds eye of the layout of the system for the master suite. There is no venting other than shown in the photo (G,A,V) which is depicted in the upper left rectangle on the drawing. The toilet is right above the electrical panel...
  11. ladymarq

    Master Bath Rough In ??

    I'm no artist but here is how the plumber roughed in the master bath suite. The picture shows how the drain & venting are done at the master sink/vanity. Piping on top is the vent line from the shower/tub drains which runs to the right. It goes up through wall into the attic. The piping...
  12. ladymarq

    Plumbing drain/vent advise needed

    I've been checking this forum for advice for years & have found it to be very helpful. I'm needing some guidance in how to get rough in drain/vent plumbing done correctly. Hopefully, my attempts post pics works. Someone roughed it in 2 years ago & I've been trying get people out to work on it...
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