Eljer Titan toilet product review, Rated #1 by Consumer Reports

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Reader Review, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Toilet turns out to have excellent flush capability. Installed comfort height in Mother’s home and she is very short and full ADA height was too uncomfortable. I note one drawback in my use, this is the tank is very much farther forward than many units. A sturdy wooden seat lid will stay up but the seat will not stay open without assistance. A thinner plexi seat does stay up but add a cover and it is 50/50. Otherwise it was a good choice.


    This toilet is no longer made. American Standard now uses the name in their factory since they bought out Eljer a few years ago.
    The original Eljer plant has been closed down.
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    Despite being “reset†twice by my licensed contractor, there continues to be a seeping of water from the base of my Titan. Have you any other reports of this or do you have any ideas about cause?

    C. Huffine
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    Unable to stop my titan from leaking at the wax seal despite three plumbers, double wax seals etc. The raised part of the bowl(underneath) seems undersized compared to the picture on your website and my old toilet. Does not appear to be cracked anywhere and seeps/leaks intermittently. I am sure it is a poor seal but perplexed what to do next except maybe put the old toilet back in and return the titan to the store. Your thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Is this a commom problem due to the force of the flush etc. thank you!
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    We just purchased an Eljer Titan after first trying a Kohler one-piece Santa Rosa toilet. The Kohler had a nifty name for their flushing system, but it should have been called "Takes Two Flushes". So we returned the Kohler, and bought a Jacuzzi "High Performance" toilet. I'm not sure what their definition of "high performance" is, but it doesn't meet my standards. Both the Kohler and Jacuzzi toilets were woefully weak flushers. Two flushes, minimum, to clear the bowl. The Jacuzzi went back to the store as well.

    Then we got the Eljer Titan, and it simply does what it is supposed to do. It tackles the hardest challenges with one flush. We are satisfied with the Titan, because it works as well as advertised.

    A video by Roger the Plumber for Titan

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    After reading that the Eljer Titan was rated at the top of the list in a leading consumers magazine, I decided to replace a 1991 Kohler toilet that had a large water surface area but an extremely weak flush with the Eljer Titan. My wife couldn’t believe I paid over 300.00 for a toilet, but even she admits that this toilet does the job. Apparently, its the 3†flush valve that gets the job done. If you have a first generation low flow toilet or an old “water waster†5-7 gallon toilet, you won’t be disappointed with the Eljer Titan.
    Ken & Denise
  6. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    The Eljer Titan I installed leaked into the crawl space when it was set with wax.

    By resetting and using the Fluidmaster waxless seal, the problem was fixed.
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    Mon, 19 Jun 2006

    I just bought 5 Titan's because of the flush performance...paid $*** to have them installed, only to find out the seat holes are not square with the centerline, resulting in off center seats. Eljer just so happens to have a seat that they say will mask the hole defect but not in brass. Eljer's warrantee manager's says they have less than 1% defects. I must have them all as 5 out of 5 are bad. His answer is take them back to Lowe's for a refund. Let's see....5x $*** to install + 5x$*** to remove = $***+*** +***+***+***+***+***+***+***+*** lost due to manufacturing defects of the hole positions. Have you heard of this before. Regards DHW
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  8. Here's what I just experienced:

    Customer tried setting his new Eljer Titan toilet numerous times, I believe he used 9 wax rings in the event of pulling it up every time he set it.

    Kept leaking on the left side of toilet and that is why I was called out to set the toilet.

    I reworked the closet flange and set it to industry standard and there is no room for error for my workmanship involving this closet flange.

    I set the toilet, leaking on the left side.

    I disconnected the toilet, removed water from it, pulled the toilet and sure enough, my wax ring properly compressed with the standard tolerance that is given when a toilet is properly set.

    The customer and I took the toilet into the garage and straddled it over a large plastic tub as I instructed him to fill the tank like a normal operation of filling.

    When flushed, water came out of discharge opening along with a steady small stream of water 2" away from the left side bolt hole.

    Could not find a starting or ending crack to signify an overtightening of the toilet to flange but did find a small pock mark in the finish where the letter "A" is stamped into the porcelain that seems to be the source of the leak.

    The customer has one full day of frustration plus my $150 to find out that his toilet I'm sure by 99% accurracy that workmanship is to blame, not installer error.

    He now has to take that toilet bowl back, get a refund and buy another bowl and do this project himself as he doesn't want to pay me twice to install the toilet that has been installed now, 9 times in a 24 hour period. :eek:
  9. theelviscerator

    theelviscerator New Member

    Elkhart, IN
    I installed a titan today repacing a 91 Artesian unit...

    So far its like an alien in the bathroom sucking anything near it to some other dimension.

    No leaks first attempt using wax ring after 4 in waxless was just a tad too tight due to some bubbing corrosion on 48 year old cast iron..not much but just a tad tight so threw down the wax kind and no leaks...

    Water level seem low compared to old toilet but I am told thats normal for this unit..
  10. bombjay

    bombjay New Member

    Artesian! Worst EVER! I've disliked Eljer for some time also!
    Just ran into an Eljer PF2.Pressure tank not filling.
    5 years old!Hello Sloan swap out!
  11. ltooz_audis

    ltooz_audis New Member

    Fremont, CA
    My new Titan

    Thanks to this website, I installed an Eljer Titan flawlessly. The toilet is great IMHO.

  12. ltooz_audis

    ltooz_audis New Member

    Fremont, CA
    It does leak after 3 days?

    I thought using the Waxless seal would prevent the toilet from leaking, but after 3 days, it did leak last night. My wife was glad that I didn't get all 3 for our bathrooms. This is the weirdest problem for this toilet or with any toilet. :confused:

  13. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Not so wierd with a Titan.
    That is what people have been reporting about it.

    I don't have those issues with the Toto Drake. And if I pull bowls from the box and show someone the Titan and the Toto, well........nobody buys the Titan.

    You may try removing the bowl and pushing the waxless onto the horn of the bowl.
    Plumbers don't follow the lousy instructions on the box, they push the adapter onto the bowl first.
  14. ltooz_audis

    ltooz_audis New Member

    Fremont, CA
    Thanks for the tip Terry, I think Titan has designed flaws built in :) Of course, if it's the same price as Toto, I'm sure the Toto Drake will win hands down. I think I got it fixed.

    Thanks again,

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  15. trob441

    trob441 New Member

    Eljer Titan

    New home, three Sterling toilets that were total junk. Our home has the following adversarial environment for toilets.

    Male 6ft. 1"- 245 pounds
    Male 6ft. 5"- 235 pounds
    Male 6ft. 3"- 190 pounds
    Female 5ft. 10"- 140 pounds

    Can't address others problems but here are my experiences. Installed three units, Lowes, $288.00 ea. complete

    #1 Install- New home, MBR, poor floor flange installation. Leaked until I put in thick wax seal. Tank had microscopic crack and leaked- returned to Lowes for replacement.:( Finished installation

    #2 Install- Hall bath, Installed without problem.

    #3 Install- Downstairs bath, Installed without problem but seemed to have poor water spot. Called Eljer, told to remove restrictor (red or blue) at black tube outlet from flushmaster valve. Problem solved.

    These have been in use now for about 6 months and are the absolute finest fixtures I have ever used.
    Magnificient. Not a single problem since installation.

    My brother in law has the Toto Guinevere (4) in a 1M. house and they don't seem to do nearly as fine a job.

    One other observation- these are not sold as two stage toilets but seem to be. If the handle is pushed and released the unit flushes with a very, very minor water usage which always gets the job done for either liquid or solid waste but if you want to hold the lever down just for safety sake it will release a considerably larger volume of water.
  16. zelskid

    zelskid Plumber

    South Florida
    That is a characteristic of virtually all 1.6ers. The flapper drops with only 1/3 of the water drained. Hold it open and you get the hold tank.
  17. Mike Lejcar

    Mike Lejcar New Member

    Eljer Titan One Flush

    I purchased an Eljer Titan after reading reviews on the web. It was the first toilet I installed and it is still working beautifully. There has been no leaks and it truly is a one flush. Also, as others have noted there is a another flush ready to go if you ever need it.

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  18. J_Tay1981

    J_Tay1981 New Member

    I'm sort of confused on people's stance with the Titan. Consumer Reports in 2005 thought it was awesome, and many on other websites really dig it. But far and away, Toto seems to get the nod for making the best fixtures.

    Right now I can get a Titan for ~$250 at my local hardware store. I don't have to wait nervously for it to be shipped from an online retailer hoping it arrives intact (I may have to with a Toto Eco Drake). If there's a problem with it, I can return it. Even on this site, Terry says the Titan has a good flush and is comprable to a Toto Drake. But I still detect a bit of indifference on the forums towards this toilet. It was the one I was going to put in for my first-ever toilet install (replacing 3 7GPF American Standards from the late '70's), but am now not so sure. Is there anything wrong with the Titan toilets? Is there anything that I should be aware of with them? Are the Drakes and Eco Drakes really that much better than a Titan to justify shipping a Toto in instead? Would I be miserable with a Titan?

    I am leaning heavily towards the Eco Drake, my local plumber supply is charging higher prices than online retailers. I don't want to have to return a busted loo to an online retailer. Too bad toilets aren't like cars where a person can 'test drive' them :)

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  19. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    The Eljer Titan is no longer being made.
    Eljer was bought out by Bain Capital.
    What you see, is the end of the run.

    Consumer Reports likes almost anything. But their stuff never leaves their warehouse.

    Some of their previous "Best Buys" had too many problems and are no longer available. If they had done their research, they would never have gotten their "best buy".

    CR Best Buy Eljer Aqua Saver, with the PF/2 pressure assist (No longer being made)


    If you have a tank like this, the best place for repair parts would be Sloan Flushmate.
    They have a replacement that fits into the existing tank.​


    a few of the 'problem units' cut in half (with a diamond saw)
    Briggs Vacuity (Even CR had little good to say a few years later.

    The Titan was roughly copied from the Drake, but without quality control or the same manufacturing expertise.
    When a customer would come over, and I showed them both, it was an easy pick to go with the Drake.

    CR knows about TOTO, but they know I like them. Families and businesses also like Toto.
    CR doesn't like plumbers writing about plumbing fixtures, nor do they care to read what women think.
    Can you imagine a woman sitting on a bowl in the middle of the night and reaching back to flush the Eljer with PF/2?
    I tried one in my home for two weeks, and it was almost cause for divorce. I would like to hear from the wives of Consumer Reports. They would have written a better report.
    Consumer Reports wants to flush "Consumer Toilet Report" site
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  20. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Eljer Titan

    Consumer Reports now lists their top choice from years before as one of thier lowest choices.
    From first to almost worse in just two issues.

    Though from what my suppliers are saying, it's not being made anymore anyway.

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