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    1. flapper
      Terry has 222 likes.
    2. Lo Rios
      Lo Rios
      hi I need help with posting and I would like to ask a question and post an image.
    3. Pat S
      Pat S
      Need new boiler. Weil McLain WGO-33 vs Burnham V83.Need 114,000 btu. Huse is insulated and new windows. Oil heat with radiators and electric water heater. Would love to know pros and cons.
    4. JoanF
      If you don't mind would you please give me input under JoanF. I have 3 CT474CEFG#01 to install and had been having trouble with 2 plumbers that said they don't install them anymore because of clogging problems and other things. I just don't think they know how to do them. Plumbers and are highly rated & one that they are very time consuming. Please read my thread. Feeling better now.
    5. Oscar85
      Hello Terry,
      I am new to this forum which I find extremely useful BTW. Thanks you for that.

      I am looking for a Water Softener recommendation.
      1- I have 15 Water hardness - City Water.
      2- 4 Bathrooms About 3600 Sqf, Home
      3- 3 people living
      4- 1.25" Water main pipe (Pre Plumbed House for Water Softener)

      Thanks for all the help
    6. Erynn
      I am looking for 3 things in a new toilet: non-clogging, non-splashing when flushed, and no splashback when sitting down to pee. We changed our old toilets to the Toto Ultramax II which meets my first two criteria but unfortunately not the third. Maybe it is because the surface of the water is so close to me or because the tank is elongated, I'm not sure what is causing the problem. Any help would be appreciated!
    7. Denese
      Hello, I'm not sure how to do this, I haven't posted on a forum before. I live in the U.S. and I need some advice about who to use for a plumber in my city for a crossover problem. (Colorado) Can you please direct me? It will be a very time-consuming project to figure out where it is occurring, I am afraid. and I am afraid of the cost as well. Any direction will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!
    8. rdseoul
      Hi Terry,
      I am building a new home in the Mt. Vernon, WA area. I feel fairly comfortable with doing my own supply lines but the DWV is a different story. Can I have someone look at the plans and design the DWV and I do the work? Or is this something plumbers are willing to do? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
    9. Master Plumber Mark
      Master Plumber Mark
      how is everything going for you Terry?? have a good new years >???
    10. moucon
      Hi Terry - been lurking here for many years - please check out my new thread "Intellivent Nightmare" - any input you might have or resources I could follow-up would be much appreciated!
    11. Brokersdad
      Terry...I had to ask for a password reset so I can sign in. Once signed in using the generated password I go to change my password to a new one, it's saying the existing password is incorrect. I use the password the site sent to me..could you look at what's going on and send an email to my account please? thank you . brokersdad
    12. CanOfWorms
      Can u check out question on the dried out tank seal? Just posted. I know it may be a lost cause, but I need to try something before I go.ripping out the toilet.
    13. ThomasD.
      Terry, I don't expect you to remember me, but we talked about a year ago regarding your opinion on the Aquia Wall Hung Toilets. I"m at the ordering stage right now and would like to know if you have had a chance to try one out or have any other advice regarding it. I'm up in Alaska and water usage isn't an issue but good flushing is. Thanks
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