yard underground leakage

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    Jul 15, 2012
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    Hi! will try and be specific

    1. have a portion of front yard which for long time has remained mushy grass does not grow flowers wilt within a week
    2. have an underground sprinkler system but had too many problems of pvc pipe small diameter cracking. bought an above ground propeller type sprayer at that time shutoff the water supply to the pumps of the sprinkler system so that the underground system was effectively out of the equation
    3. only other thing that comes to mind is the storm water drain in our garage driveway that large drain leads underground to neighbour's storm water drain, and then onto city large drain by the roadside
    4. The only thing I am left to think is that the about 8" green pvc - like pipe material passes close to our sogged area that i spoke about earlier
    5. if indeed this is the culprit does it mean the solution is that i will have to replace about 22 ft of the green pipe from my driveway to neighbor's will the entire length also have to be dug up or is there a better way for that installation?

    i would appreciate your help!
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