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Discussion in 'HVAC Heating & Cooling' started by charles2, Apr 4, 2012.

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    Current thermostat for a Ruud 2.5 ton heat pump is a broken Braeburn and will be replaced on Friday. It's downstairs, and the single return is upstairs. Does there exist a pair of thermostats that communicate wirelessly, with the downstairs stat wired in the usual manner and the upstairs stat either battery powered or line voltage? The idea being that the HO could choose which stat governs at any given time. Has anybody seen a reliable pair of this type?

    Honeywell has these with too many bells and whistles. I'm just trying to find the lowest cost solution to upstairs comfort issues. Sometimes on winter nights (when the heat strips kick in) the upstairs temp goes above 80 when the downstairs stat is set at 68.
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    Sounds like more than a thermostat issue / Fix.
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    Without putting in some more returns and balancing the system, anything you do is not going to help a lot.

    You might use an upstairs thermostat to control a damper in the duct that could shut it off once it reaches temp, forcing the heat out the lower registers. But, if it is all from just the hot air rising, that wouldn't necessarily help a lot. Sounds like you may need to balance the system with some dampers.

    I only close doors if there are guests, so up/down air flow is pretty open. In the winter, I tend to close off the upstairs registers and rely on the heat rising from below. Then, since I've got a variable speed fan, I just leave it in the ON position to keep the air moving. This results in it being fairly even on both floors.

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