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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a winterization checklist they'd be willing to share. I live in Pennsylvania and have had several calls about winterizing summer cottages before winter. I've been doing research and it's all over the place. I'd like something to ensure I don't forget something and whether to leave the faucets open or close them, etc... Thank you

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I have a little knowledge on the subject but being from warm weather no real experiance with it good idea on the check list. Id leave them open unless you hear back something differant. drained out , blown out with air perhaps , antifreeze in all the traps and water closet . No idea if conventional automotive antifreeze is ok from an enviromental standpoint or if a safer product is supposed to used

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From 1998 through 2009
I used to do about 200 of them every winter for repossessed homes...

all you really need is one of those pan type air compressors that goes up to 150psi
and you set it up in your truck, if their is still power then you are good to go.....
if not then you need a generator to go with it

you find yourself a garden hose reel on roller legs that is normally used for rolling out the hose
and you go to harbor freight and buy 100-150 feel of air compressor hose and get the attachements
to set up a hand held air sprayer that you can put up to all the faucets in the home and air blast
them down to the well or open meter... 150psi does pretty well ....

drain down everything to the lowest point at the meter or well

you roll up the air compression hose onto the reel and just set it up in your truck with the air compressor
and just run the hose into the cottage , plug in the compressor and blow everything out....
the 150 psi does the rest

the rest is just a matter of getting a like 5 gallons of Pink RV anti ffreeze with you to throw in the toilets
and traps throughout the house.... and the dishwasher too...

I have never, ever put RV antifreeze into the water system...... it takes forever for the taste to go away
and its just not worth the trouble if you blast out the lines...

if you have some any extra low spots its wise to disconnect water lines to toilets and blow them out

tun off power to well, water heater, ect

its wise to put a sign on the place saying its been winterized and call a plumber to have it
de-winterized and DO NOT TURN ON WATER.

also I would not warranty anything as you cannot really know what is going on in the walls but I have
never had any issues

We did these too cheaply back then but I was doing 6 a day in town
and that is the next big question ...... how much do you want to charge for this service??

I think its worth at the very least $300 bucks
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