Will Katalox Light Alone Solve my Iron Problem

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Shown below are the results from county testing of my well water which shows my iron level in my 30-year well at 2.65 (three years ago it was 0.6), pH at 6.57, and hardness at 1.7 (29 mg CACO3/L).

Currently we just have two 10" cartridge filters (5 micron and 1 micron in series) that remove sediment. They keep the water clear for 2 to 4 weeks before orange tint starts to return unless changed again. We get staining in our toilets, showers, and sinks requiring the use of iron out.

No problems with taste or smell.

My main problem needing to be addressed is iron. Would a katalox light filter alone be able to handle iron removal at my current PH level? If not, what would be the recommended combination to eliminate the iron? I am getting slightly more than 7 gallons per minute from my pump.

Alkalinity 50
Arsenic < 0.005
Barium < 0.1
Calcium 5.4
Cadmium < 0.001
Chromium < 0.01
Iron 2.65
Harness 29 mg CACO3/L
Lead, flushed < 0.003
Mangnesium 3.9
Manganese < 0.03
Mercury < 0.0005
Nitrate < 0.5
Nitrite < 0.1
pH 6.57
Selenium < 0.005
Silver < 0.01
Sodium 8.8
Zinc < 0.50
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