Why does drywall work in a Kerdi Shower?

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    Drywall in wet area ..........as post above.

    Pissing over drywall.JPG

    and this is from a supplier

    Quote : '' Why PANEL REY Drywall?

    "Tainted drywall has flooded the North American market. How does this affect our investments, let alone our health? Tainted drywall emits reactive sulfur gas at levels strong enough to damage copper wiring and pipes, undermining the quality of your renovation and putting your heath at risk for the sake of saving a few bucks. At Drywall Depot it is our goal to provide safe, reliable products to the marketplace; products that are safe for your family and safe for your customers. So we went looking for a drywall made here in North America that was tested safe. Panel Rey Drywall was the clear choice. As part of the Consumer Product Safety Commissions (CPSC) ongoing investigation into tainted drywall the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories conducted independent testing to determine among the different drywall suppliers what exactly their levels of emission were. Those results can be found here and here. The Panel Rey Drywall Product results were outstanding, surpassing commonly used product lines. Panel Rey Drywall is strong, light, and safe, as well as ULC & ASTM listed. Why take chances on cheap budget drywall when Panel Rey Drywall is already an affordable choice proven safe. So when it comes to your home, your business, your customers, remember: price isn't everything.â€

    And of course CBU is just not comparable to drywall , ever.
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    I hope I do too. I have one concern. That is the drywall to kerdi bond. I thought I would be smarter than the install video and put up large pieces around corners rather than do separate flat pieces with taped corners. When I was applying the kerdi, there were a few spots that pulled away as I rolled the sticky ardex on. I ended up cutting these pieces open and using ardex to glue them to the wall.

    So what I have learned from all this is that if you are a DIYer, I highly recommend ardex over CB. It is pretty much idjit proof and even if you goof up, odds are pretty good that you'll get away with it as the CB will stand up to occasional moisture.

    So, there is definite advantage to CB/ardex. Install time may favor drywall/kerdi. I don't know enough to guess if it does. Price, it seems to me is on the side of CB/ardex, assuming the shower is large enough to use the entire ardex mixture. If the shower is very small, perhaps there is a price advantge with kerdi/drywall. But, it ain't much.
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    Trying to install large pieces of Kerdi should be left to experienced people...it is just too hard for the average DIY'er to key in, notch and then cover large areas with a single sheet of Kerdi before the thinset skins over. The videos on the Schluter website talk about this. Not pulling the membrane back to verify proper coverage is the main reason why a seam will leak - the thinset is either too dry initially, or it skinned over before it is covered and this prevents proper bonding. The same thing will happen with tile if you spread too much thinset out...the tile's won't bond well.
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