Whirlpool Tub Motor Replacement?

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by tmcguinn1, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. tmcguinn1

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Hi, all! I am going to be starting a major remodel of my master bath in the fall. Currently, I have a whirlpool tub that I have never used since I moved in ten years ago. My children have used it, but the last time it was used (2 years ago) the drain leaked into the mudroom downstairs. Since I rarely used it, and knew that I would be remodeling, I chose to simply not use the tub.

    I am considering re-using the tub and replacing the guts. Has anyone ever attempted this? Is it worth it or should I just replace the whole tub? Would I actually save any money?

    The tub is a monster (to me) 72" x 36" 22" deep. It is build in with a surrounding platform, making it seem even larger (8' x 4' footprint, plus a horribly ugly tile step jutting out half the length). Bathroom is approximately 8' x 12'. It is cast iron and the tub itself is in good shape. If I were to replace the whole tub, I would replace with a smaller one. We have a spa outside, so I would rarely use a tub anyway, but I have to think of that resale!

    Thanks for any help/advice!
  2. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona

    If you like the tub enough to keep it, the "guts" should also be fine. Locate the leak, probably in the drain, and fix it.
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