Where do I install sprinkler Pump

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    Feb 25, 2021
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    Here is my scenario.
    · This irrigation pump is for a DIY lawn sprinkler system application at our cottage in Manitoba Canada.
    · The total height from the lake to the top of the yard is 12 feet.
    · To get the pump close to the shore, because of obstructions that I would have to work around it, and have to run approx. 200’ of power cable from the electrical panel to the pump. This obviously means heavier cable and more voltage loss. The alternative place I could install pump is @ 65 feet from the shoreline. This would allow me to run only @ 90 feet of electrical cable from the panel to the pump, which would mean less power cable, and less voltage drop. I would then just need more poly pipe between the pump and the foot valve.
    · I will be using rainbird sprinkler heads 3 per zone which have a flow of 3.8 gallons per minute@50psi, and 3 gallons per minute @40 psi.

    I guess the questions I have are:

    1. In your opinion, could go with scenario #2 and place the pump 75 ft from waters edge and use more inlet poly pipe rather than going with such a long run of power cable ?

    2. I was originally thinking of a 1 1/2 hp pump. Do you think I would need a 2 hp pump.

    Appreciate any advice, thanks
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