What causes water hardness to increase? Does pump depth affect it?

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Our newly purchased house has a 200ft well, pump was originally (11 years ago)set at 74 feet with static level at 50. Pump was replaced in last 18 months but was set at about 100 feet since they bought a 100 ft roll of pipe. Original water test from Kinetico in 2005 showed 28 grains hardness, 2 parts iron, ph was 7. Now 11 years later, Kinetico 4060S doesn't do the job. Water yesterday tested 47 grains of hardness with 3.5 parts iron. After running through the softener it is down to 18 hardness and 1.5 iron. I realize there are many other factors affecting water quality and these are base indicators.
Kinetico says the current softener is not capable of removing that much hardness and of course wants to sell us a new softener, iron filter AND RO........but they have no explanation for how the water quality has changed. Does the well pump depth have anything to do with this?
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I would consider an independent lab water test. I like kit 90 http://www.karlabs.com/watertestkit/

It may be that new media would make the system OK for another 10 years or more. But your salesman says that the existing system should be replaced.

Kinetico is more expensive than most systems. If you are considering a new system, you might want to look around.

Regarding your question, I don't know. I would not think that raising your pump would cause a big change in the water. I am not a pro.
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