Well water Pump Turing on too frequently

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I recently purchased a house with well water. There was low pressure in all the faucets so i redid the piping between the pressure switch and the storage tank (something was clogged). I also added a pressure relief valve and relocated the drain. Attached are before and after pictures.

This fixed the pressure in the faucets. However, the well pump turns on now even if you flush a toilet. The pressure meter stays steady at 55 psi, then immediately drops to 40 psi a few seconds after water is used (the pressure jumps down, not a steady decline). At this point, the pump turns on.

I filled the Air part of the tank to about 52 psi just after redoing the piping before turning on the well. I think the air and water are still separate as when i knock on the top side i can tell it is air inside.

I think the problem is the pressure switch but I am not sure. Thanks for your time,


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Turn the ball valve off to the house, Shut power off the the pump. Drain off all the pressure using a hose on the hose spigot. Leave the spigot open.

Check the air pressure in the tank. It should be 38psi. If it is low charge it up, if it is high let some out.

Turn power back on. Shut the hose spigot. See that it comes up to 60psi and shuts off. Open the hose spigot see if the pump turns on at 40psi. Cycle it a few times before turning it back on to the house.

If you get different results or this doesn't solve the issue check back in.
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