Well Pump Running Continuously (Would This Cause Ground Saturation)

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    Have a property in Michigan that has a basement with sump pump, this is pretty active coming on approx every 7 minutes or so for about 20-30 seconds. Lots of questions (sorry)

    I live in the UK so the property has been empty for the last few months, but have just found out due to a high electric bill for an empty property and some help from our neighbours over there that the water supply from the well which is shared has been shut off via the valve coming into the basement (pump is wired to our property along with pressure switch) before the pressure switch, therefore because our water had been blown out for last winter the well pump ran continous for months! Sorted now!

    My questions are:

    Could the Artesian well have an overflow within the ground, and if so could it be causing water to collect in the sump all year round? (Sump appears to be fed from a pipe from a French drain maybe)!

    If the Artesian well has an overflow within the ground, would the pump running all the time cause the overflow to pump out more water than usual, causing my sump pump to deal with more water?

    Would like to not have to rely on the sump pump 24/7 to keep basement dry, mainly because the property sits empty for months at a time.

    There is a disused well of some kind very near our property 20' or so (opposite side to the current one which is about 70' away), think this was quite shallow as there was a big tank in the basement along with a large pump/motor in connection with this well, was told that they were not used on deep wells, could this be the cause of the access ground water, there is a 2-3' of galvanised pipe coming out the ground.

    Many thanks
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  2. Gary Slusser

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    A shallow well says a high water table. A high water table says most basements will need a sump pump to keep the basement dry.

    The water level in the wells is the water table level around the house.
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