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Hello All,

I'm working a site in northern AZ and was hoping to get some advice.

I have a 300' deep well with water at 175' and its 800' away from the home. Good news is it's up 100' or more on a hill above the home.

Budget doesn't permit adding storage tanks at this time (will add dual 2000 gals in the future) so was planning to run direct from the house with 1" 250/psi poly pipe and #2 al direct burial (for voltage drop) up to the well head to power a 2hp/230vac/10.2a pump rated for 400' max head and 284' pump level at 40/60 psi. Was thinking a downhill supply line on a 1" continuous poly pipe should work. It's a 3bed/2bath 1500sf home.

Any design advice on this?

Was thinking a pressure tank with pump control and pressure switch at the well head in an insulated well house was the logical choice to protect the pump but was concerned about the distance. An 800' service line, even downhill, seems sketchy.

Thanks for any help.


Cary Austin
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Lubbock, Texas
Pumping water downhill is harder than you think. Water wants to pack up at the bottom of the hill and build high pressure when you close a valve an stop the flow. A mechanical soft start/soft stop on the pump as when using a Cycle Stop Valve is helpful. Even then an additional pressure tank at the bottom of the hill can work like a surge suppressor to stop the pressure spikes and dips.
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