Water softener bad taste won't go away Part 3

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Hi all, several of you have been trying to help me with my softener issue spread out over a couple of threads and I wanted to consolidate.

TLDR version at bottom

I have a 1.5cu/ft(48K) softener with flex 5600sxt metered controller

I was having the funny taste, that in my head tasted like the resin beads themselves. The manufacture has sent me new beads but I'm trying to hold off on swapping them out as I know it's rare new beads would be bad and I don't want to do that if there is another problem, so I'm trying to diagnose further.

I tried super iron out as there are a lot of people who swear by it. I mixed a cup in a half gallon of cold water and poured it down the brine well(as per the instructions) and regenerated. The problem is now the taste is even worse as it was replaced by the super iron out. I have regenerated 5 times and ran over a thousand gallons of water through the softener and the taste is still there.

It's almost like the beads just aren't being cleaned, but my water IS soft. And here is the other kicker, when I do turn on the water at my tub for a while, the taste goes away. I ran the tub for quite some time yesterday and the taste went away for a while afterwards but had come back when I tried last night before bed.

I was going to try increase the BW from 10 minutes to 20 and maybe BD from 60 to 120 minutes and maybe fill up the brine tank manually before I start since it only has 3 gallons in it. But I suspect this will do nothing as it does seem like the beads are being regenerated since I have soft water and with how many times I've regenerated and how much water has been through this thing.

I'm really at a loss here.


Water strong tastes like the cleaner I used in an effort to get rid of a almost plastic taste I was having beforehand.

No matter how many times I regenerate the taste is not going away, BUT I do have soft water and I see no evidence that any of the regen phases aren't working.

The taste will go away after running water for a long time but will eventually come back.

I'm personally not seeing how, considering how many times I've regenerated and how many gallons have been run through the tank, but is there any value in trying a regeneration with an increased BW, BD, and/or RR time? BW makes the most sense to me since it is from bottom up while the rest are top down which is exactly how the tank runs during normal use.

It is likely that a bead replacement is in store, but again that seems odd considering it is brand new, but even with bad beads none of this makes sense to me and I am highly suspicious there is something I'm missing or otherwise doing wrong so really want to try to diagnose it because if I replace the beads and it doesn't go away, hulk smash.

Just to be thorough here is my water report and settings. Settings verified wi

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