Water downstairs but only part of upstairs has water

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    Apr 21, 2012
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    Help! My son is buying a home and there is water downstairs but only part of the upstairs has water. This is a foreclosed home and it sat empty without heat from last October until a few days ago. It is a Rambler with a full basement. We inspected the home a month ago once the bank had the electric turned back on. At that time we turned all water back on. The toilet, sink and shower all had water downstairs. However upstairs there was water in the toilet but nowhere else. No water at kitchen faucet, shower or bathroom sink. We also noticed during the 40 minutes we were there that the water pump (which is in the basement) never shut off. We assumed the pressure tank was bad. That perhaps the bladder went bad from the extreme cold during the winter. We live in Minnesota and it does get very cold. The bank had a plumber install a new pressure tank and we were just back out to the home today. There is water to everything downstairs. There is also water to the toilet and bathroom sink. However there is still no water coming out of the kitchen faucet at all. The bathtub had a few drops come out and that was it. The pump also ran nonstop for over 45 minutes without shutting off. The pump pressure was at around 45. We know the septic system is good as it was just inspected this week. We followed all pipes looking for leaks or perhaps another valve that wasn't turned on but found nothing. We also checked the outside faucets for any leaking but found none. We also noticed that the new pressure tank feels very light, not heavy at all. It is supposed to be a pre-pressurized tank. Also, when using water, like running the downstairs faucet, the pump drops and didn't seem to gain again while running the faucet. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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