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Greetings, new here and to plumbing design.
I have a kitchen and bathroom sink that can both be vented up and out from their respective walls.
Their drains go through the subfloor into a 2x8 cavity where they need to turn to meet a toilet in between them. The shower goes through the floor on the other side of bathroom sink opposite the toilet which also need to turn and I hope to join to the bath sink.
Building is unpermitted and unrestricted, but I want to minimize wear and not introduce gas to the house.
Can I vent the shower by meeting with the bath sink drain below the floor? It will just be a shower pan.
Is there a way to join the bathroom drain line from there to the toilet drain line, in addition to joining the kitchen sink line to toilet below floor, by which I can AVOID having a vertical stack on the toilet drain to vent the toilet?
All drain lines and vents are 1.5". The toilet will be 3 or 4".
Do I need a 3" vertical vent from toilet or can I vent it via the sinks that drain into either the sloped toilet drain or where the toilet drain drops veritcally into the main septic line? What are my limitations with 1.5" sink vent?
I could also drop the toilet drain vertically down into floor cavity and wye the sink drains.into it then slope out a foot down into a wye that I could run a vertical vent up the side of the house and vertical main drain down to the septic. If I did that do I need to run vents for the sinks or would an aav do?
The last option is to just run the toilet drain out the floor and sloped out a foot to the outside of the building into a wye( or sanitary tee) the runs a veritcal vent and main drain. In this case my son's drains would have to on the toilet slope drain or stack additional tees on top of the one the toilet drains into and drain my sinks into those.
What are my best options for utilizing only one vent vertical above the roof?
How can I vent the toilet via 1 or 2 sink vents?
How can I vent the sinks via the one main vertical toilet vent?
What about the shower, can it share a vent with the toilet or the sinks? I imagine I will plumb that 1.5" as well, but I can go larger for it. What are the limitations of vent size for 4", 3", and 2" drains?
I hope that made some sense. I'm having a hard time uploading pictures
Thank you for your time.
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