Valley Bath Valve / Cartridge Identification Help

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I'm getting stuck identifying this shower valve & cartridge that I assume is causing a leak in my shower. I'm hoping the Reddit hive mind can help identify this valve / cartridge, so that I can hopefully replace it and fix the leak (and thus stop the nagging wife).

There are no identifying markings on the valve, knob handle, or escutcheon. The cap and sleeve are 2" in diameter. the escutcheon is 6.5" in diameter. the screw holes above the sleeve are 1 7/8" apart. The guys at Ferguson (Southern California) thought it was Delta or Moen, but didn't have anything that looked similar.

Getting the cap off took some vinegar and water to loosen the mineral build up. I assume that the entire once white-ish plastic assembly comes out of the metal sleeve?

Oh, and if that isn't enough to ask, the wife would like to replace the stubby knob to a handle type lever....but I will settle for simply fixing the leak.

thanks in advance!

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