Two zones on one valve

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    Apr 20, 2020
    Good afternoon, I removed my older post since I resolved it, but now I am having a question with wiring solenoid to zones. I have two valves in my back yard, each has 2 zones (4 zones total). My question is how to I wire the 2 zones to the solenoid? I currently have the 4 zone wires, the common wire, and 4 wires that look like my solenoid wires.

    I currently have my solenoid wire tied to the common and 2 zones, same for other other valve. Everything has normal readings on the multimeter, but only one zone is working for each valve regardless of the zone set to (zone 4 & 5 on one valve, but only zone 4 comes on. If Zone 5 is on, zone 4 waters). I am assuming those additional 4 wires need to be connected to something, but I am not sure what. I cannot tell what they are tied to.
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