Tub not sitting completely on stringer

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I'm gut renovating my bathroom and installing a Bootz Honolulu tub. The instructions call for just one support stringer, on the long side. I did a dry fit today. The floor is level both ways. The stringer was level. But the tub did not sit completely on the stringer. It sat on the stringer on the drain end but on the other end it sat about 1/4" above. I measured the tub height and sure enough, it's 1/4 inch taller at that corner than on the opposite (apron) side.

I called Bootz and they said that was normal and that when I screwed the tub flange into the studs, it would tighten up to the stringer. I can't see how that's possible. So I'm thinking of adjusting the stringer so that it matches the slope of the tub. (I haven't yet built the knee wall so I can reach beneath and snug it up tight and screw it to the studs.) Is there any reason NOT to do this?

Relatedly, the instructions do not call for any support beneath the tub but i'm thinking of putting some mounds of Structolite under there and squishing it down.

Thanks for any advice.
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