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I am looking to identify this tub faucet. When it’s time to replace the springs and seats it’s always a take off a try to match it situation. I’d like to prebuy them before I start. House was built in 1986 and it’s been here since. I don’t believe it’s a delta but more on the glacier bay side possibly, unsure. The springs I took out the first time unchanged them are conical shaped. I just left lowes to get some before I tear it down. There are tubular shape ones that do not taper and two conical shaped springs, one with more “loops” or “winding” in them, about 3 loops vs 4 and I’m not sure if this will cause a seating issue and leak or cause the handle to be harder to turn. The conical ones are about the same length though. It would be nice to be able to save a model number of the faucet or actual correct spring part number to make this project easier when it occurs. It happens pretty often. It seems I will have to go with a dance replacement or part number as brand names in parts are limited I found. If I could get the model number for stems i would change those as well to start off fresh and be set from there on. Those are two piece stems made of plastic but do have to be a particular “moon” cutout on the back as i recall. Any help would be great! Thank you.


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I would take one of the knobs off (lift out (C) or (H) with a fingernail and unscrew).

Count the flutes. I won't know the answer, but that info may be useful to somebody who might.

It looked to me like an old American Standard, I had, but your description let me know that yours are different from that.
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