Traps and Venting in New Brunswick - old buildings

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    My experiences over the years are leading me to believe that in any trade, just like the law and judges, there are as many ways to interpret code as there are tradespeople and everyone thinks theirs is the correct interpretation. I admit, I am prone to the same affliction.

    I don't know if there was a time when no venting was required, but the New Brunswick house I rent doesn't even have traps on all the drains, never mind *any* venting that I can recall. Since there are three well-separated by distance sources of drainage, would this house then need three vents? (A 3 piece bathroom, kitchen and washing machine on the main floor with kitchen sink upstairs over the washer in one corner of the house, a second kitchen on the main floor in a different part of the house, then a 3 piece bathroom at the opposite end of the house.)

    Thanks for any insight... everything drains ok, but some things are slower than I think they should be and since I relocated the washing machine and don't have as much hose shoved down that drain line, I notice the trap get siphoned and some "blow-back" when the washing machine drains. Not too enticing, especially in a kitchen!
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    The number of vents is not as much an issue as is how the vent is connected in relation to each fixture trap.

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