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    Jan 11, 2005
    Hi all,

    I am trying to wade through the hideous Toto website to understand the differences in the models of Drake and Ultramax toilets. I've gotten a good deal of it, but have the following questions.

    For the Drake, what is the difference between the CST744S

    Toto CST744S is elongated with a 14.5" bowl height. Terry

    and the CST744SL?

    Toto CST744SL is elongated with a 16.5" bowl height, ADA compliant. Terry

    The SL model is way more expensive. All I see on the comparison chart on the Toto website is that the SL is "ADA compliant" -- I don't know what that means -- and the S model seems to have an adjustable GPF setting.

    S refers to G-Max flush system, yeah I know, doesn't make that much sense, but that's what the S is for, you know, like Superman! Terry

    For the Ultramax, what are the differences between the MS853113S and the CST853S?

    The MS853113S comes with the SS113 softclose seat
    The CST853S is without a seat

    The comparison chart indicates they are basically the same except one is more expensive than the other.

    I'm looking at the Drake elongated, non-insulated, non-bolted, and the Ultramax in the round non-insulated/bolted styles.

    Thanks for your help.


    PS: Man, that is truly one terrible website!
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