Toto equivalent for shower mixing valves?

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So I recently purchased a home and two of the showers have Kohler mixing valves. Within a few months both of them developed slow leaks.

Now I've replaced a number of mixing valves over the years, and I was totally shocked at the price Kohler demands for replacement parts; it's nearly the same cost as an entirely new shower set!

This is Kohler valve K-304 with replacement part nos. GP876851 or GP76851.

Perhaps more frustrating is the fact that serviceability on the "rite-temp" mixing valve is totally impossible. When the two O-rings inside the unit fail, the entire unit must be replaced? Are you serious? What a waste of resources, anti-green, etc. I think this is totally irresponsible product design, and I'm disgusted with the engineering or marketing decisions that went into this product.

So my question is this: What mixing valves are the equivalent of the well-designed Toto toilets? When the time comes, I would like to know from the pros which ones can be serviced easily with reasonable replacement parts. I have no idea why valves can't be engineered so that just the o-rings can be replaced. Really, that's all that wears out and why I will pay for quality simplistic design over fancy newfangled poorly-thought out "flavor of the day" design.

I appreciate anyone's perspective here. Thanks!

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