Toilets Of Terror Resolved!

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    May 12, 2006
    :mad: After going thru un-godly (in personal home) toilet use and research,I finally found a brand of toilet I can be happy with........St. Thomas Creations!
    I bought my 1979 house in 2000 and used the (3) existing toilets from the previous owners and the units are as follows: 1979 style low boy type American Standards in the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms (to dog-on low for my I am 6"5" tall!) and a huge tanked pot that worked well! (I can't re-call the brand name). I used these units for about 3 years and then decided it was time to up-grade.

    :confused: So being the toilet challenged sap that I was at the time I strolled into Lowe's and saw a really tall (ADA height I found out later) toilet I just had to have for the up-stairs..........A Crane plumbing toilet!

    I got it home and began to install it and everthing looked great until I installed the toilet seat. It was a cock-eyed angled fit on top and when I sat on the seat it tended to slip off to one side! The (non level bowl) was never manufactured correctly. Got rid of that pot a year later! Next I purchased the worst yet! I went down to Expo design center and purchased (2) 1 pc. Pegasus units (about $250 ea.)......(very good looking but probably the worst flushing toilet ever made). Used those about a year.

    I then decided to replace all 3 toilets in the house but was not going to do so until a little internet and salesman recommendations research was done.
    After realizing that the people I encountered at Lowe's, Home Depot, and Expo did'nt really know what they were talking about, I went over to Pacific Sales and Trusted their advice and experience from customer satisfaction.
    I knew and heard that Toto was the one everybody was talking about but were back-ordered at the time from Pacific Sales and the styling was'nt quite what I had in mind.

    After all the toilet performance and quality issues I had put up with I decided to purchase 1 St. Thomas Creations Palermo (about $300) unit in the extra bathroom up-stairs...........GLAD I DID! Everthing went well on installation and the Quattro (3") flush valve system worked great.(NOTE: Really flushes well if you raise the adjustable float valve to bring the water level about 3/8" above the water line in the tank.)

    After the success of the Palermo, I went down to Pacific Sales and bought (2) St. Thomas Arlington II's (A little classier than the Palermo but has the same flushing technology) (about $430 ea.) and had identical success!

    :) At last the battle is over.............(at least for the time being!)
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    Nov 12, 2005
    Great, glad to hear it.
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